Why Do Pugs Snore – And How To Stop It!

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Many people admire the pug due to their squished faces, bulgy eyes, and short bodies. However, the pugs’ facial features are prone to many health problems, including brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS). BOAS causes severe breathing problems due to their smooshed faces. 

So, why do pugs snore? They can’t help it. However, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of snoring. While there may be nothing you can do to resolve the issue permanently, there is usually no cause for concern based on your pug’s build and facial features for your pug’s snoring habits.

why do pugs snore

Why Do Pugs Snore So Much?

Due to the pugs’ smooshed snouts, their snoring can get out of hand, but is there a medical problem behind loud and continuous snoring? Why do pugs snore so loud? Here are some of the top factors. 

Sleep Apnea

Yes, dogs can get sleep apnea too. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing for up to a few minutes during your sleep. 

Once a pug inhales again after not breathing, you’ll hear a sharp inhale that sounds like a deep gasp for air. If you notice this in your pugs’ sleep cycle, take them to the vet to get assessed for sleep apnea. 


Pugs are more prone to adopting allergies than other breeds. Dogs can be allergic to anything such as:

  • Dust 
  • Pollen
  • Perfumes

If there are any known allergies, ensure you do your best to help your pug avoid them. After coming from outside, wash their feet and ensure that all surfaces and floors are clean.

why do pugs snore

Poor Dental Hygiene

Tooth decay, cavities, and other dental-related problems reach into the pugs’ sinuses, making it difficult for them to breathe. 

An untreated infection will spread and worsen matters, becoming very expensive to resolve. If you notice your pug having difficulty eating hard food or their breath stinks, take them to the vet.

Rhinitis/Common Cold

Rhinitis is similar to the common cold for domestic animals. Your pug may have a runny or stuffy nose coupled with sneezing. A vet visit may be in question if you notice symptoms regarding difficulty breathing and excessive snoring. 

Fungal Disease

A fungal disease appears when your pug has mold exposure, usually digested through freshly mowed grass, hay, and straw or dusty material. Symptoms include nasal swelling, sneezing, and nasal discharge. Veterinarians use anti-fungal medication to treat this condition. 

How Do I Stop My Pug From Snoring?

why do pugs snore

While the main issue for your pugs’ snoring is caused by being a brachycephalic dog breed, there are ways to reduce the noise level and by how much. If you don’t consider taking measures, your pugs’ snoring will become louder as they age. 

Ensure Their Bedding Is Appropriate

When people get a cold or sinus infection, it helps to raise our heads above our hearts. The same trick works for pugs. 

Ensure that your pug has a raised pillow or bed, or that their bed is round. Sleeping in a rounded position takes the pressure off your dog’s esophagus, allowing more airflow. 

If your pug has allergies, it’s best always to keep their linen and bedding clean to help with allergy symptoms. Wash their bedding with hypoallergenic and unscented soap. Learn about suitable dog beds for pugs here.

Air Quality Is Important

A room with air circulation is essential for your pugs’ breathing difficulties. If you don’t have one already, save some money to get an air humidifier because if the air is too dry, your pug’s nose and throat can become irritated. A dry throat will lead to louder night snores. 

If you’re a smoker, try to reduce second-hand smoke exposure to your pug. Always smoke outside or in a different room while your pug is around.

why do pugs snore

Exercise Is a Must

Obesity can lead to heart and lung problems with pugs. Ensure that you keep your pug active and take them for daily walks so they maintain a healthy weight. The least amount of exercise your pug needs is a brisk walk every second day. 

Keep your pug on a good diet as well. Overfeeding your pug will lead to obesity and later problems as they age. 

Keep Regular Vet Checkups

Regular vet checkups will allow you to see a problem before it starts, or you may catch an issue as it’s arising. A vet will be able to tell you whether your pug has caught a cold, sinus infection, or any other medical problems relating to excessive snoring. 

Sometimes, medication can be a cause for loud or obnoxious snoring. Again, check with your vet for alternative options. 

Don’t Use Human Methods.

Homeopathic methods such as oil diffusers, Vic’s rub treatments, and oxygen machines will not work for pugs as they are specifically designed for humans only. Most menthol products are toxic to pugs and domestic pets and make them very ill. 

One solution you can discuss with your vet is pug snoring surgery. Although a vet may recommend you don’t choose this course of action, pug snoring surgery will only occur if the snoring affects your pug’s daily life. 

When all else fails, you may either have to live with your pugs snoring or move them to a room where you don’t sleep. 

Conclusion – Why Do Pugs Snore So Loud?

So, do all pugs snore? Is it normal for pugs to snore loudly? Due to their genetic defect of wrinkled faces and smooshed snouts, it’s safe to say that yes, all pugs do snore. 

You may have even wondered why do pugs snore when awake? For awake snoring, the reason is simply based on their facial features. However, other known causes can be the culprit, such as rhinitis, dental issues, and allergies.

If you notice a difference in your pugs breathing or snoring habits, it’s best to get them assessed by a professional veterinarian to rule out any medical causes. 

All pugs snore, and this is an everyday occurrence. The only time snoring is a cause for concern is when your pugs’ snoring affects their health with no known reason, which is when your vet may recommend surgery. 

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