Why Do Pugs Scream? How Can You Stop This Behavior?

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Have you ever wondered why your beloved pug somehow goes from cute to crazy in the span of just a few seconds? Other dogs might whine or bark, but somehow you’ve wound up with a screaming pug?

We’d like to clear up some of the mystery for you. First of all, not all pugs will scream, so if this is a behavior you have not noticed in your pug, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you’re thinking of getting a pug or your pug exhibits this behavior, screaming might be something that you often witness. So why do some pugs scream, and what can we do about it?

Pugs are not a noisy breed by nature, but they do have some uniqueness in the noise department. They are often good apartment dogs because they are not prone to excessive barking, nor do they need a lot of exercise to stay healthy, but that doesn’t mean they will be silent. 

Not only do pugs occasionally scream, almost like humans, but they also are prone to snoring, farting, snorting, heavy breathing, and barking from time to time. Of course, if you have a pug, you know this already, but if you’re looking to get one, be prepared for some interesting noises!

why do pugs scream

So, Why Do Pugs Scream?

We gathered a few of the most common reasons and remedies for you and your pug:

Fear and Anxiety

Loud noises, uncertain circumstances or other fear-inducing moments can cause your pug to scream. They are sharing with you their nerves in the only way they know-how. If your pug could talk, they would tell you why they’re scared, but as humans, all we can do is try to calm them and make them feel safe when they are afraid. 

Good ways to help your pug overcome fear and anxiety are by keeping them calm in uncertain situations, often by separating them from other dogs or people and offering them a safe, quiet place where they can regain a sense of calm.

Injury or Chronic Pain

Another reason why pugs scream can be that they are in pain. It could be a new injury or a chronic pain that has flared up. If there is no other reason for your pug to scream, it may be a good indication that they are hurting. If this behavior continues and you’ve ruled out other reasons for their screaming, it may be a good indication that your pug needs to take a trip to the vet.

why do pugs scream

Vet Visits

Speaking of vet visits, yet another reason that your pug might scream is the vet. Let’s face it, most animals hate the vet, and your pug is telling you just how much they do not love the situation. 

But we all know that vet visits are a must to keep our pets happy and healthy, so what can we do to keep our screaming pugs calm? First, talk to your vet about potential medications or other treatments for stress-inducing situations. Of course, not all pugs will need medications, but sometimes medication can be a helpful tool to help your pet through a tough time.

Bathing or Grooming

Another trauma-inducing visit for pugs can be a visit to the groomer or even getting groomed at home. Baths and tedious tasks such as clipping their nails can cause your pug to react with a yelp or a scream. 

However, the screaming does not mean your pug does not need to be groomed or that you have hurt them. Be aware of your pugs’ reactions and try to distract them with treats or dog peanut butter while you clip their nails. 

A treat can be an excellent way to tell if your pug is really hurting or just overwhelmed. A truly stressed-out pug might not be willing to take a treat from you; if this occurs, be sure they are not hurt before you continue grooming.

why do pugs scream


While vet visits might be a bad thing for your pug, screaming can be caused by too much of a good thing as well. New people, new smells, seeing their owner again after a long day, all these happy feelings can also cause your pug to scream. 

Obedience training can be a useful tool if your pug tends to scream when they get over-excited. Help them keep calm by giving them space away from crowds and other dogs when they get overwhelmed.

Separation Anxiety

Pugs are a very affectionate breed. They love their owners and sometimes can love them a bit too much. So why do pugs scream when you leave them home alone? 

Obedience training can be a tool for this challenge as well. It is also important not to be overly affectionate to your pug when they are screaming for your return. 

Although we want to calm them and usually petting them is the fastest way to stop the noise, petting reinforces the screaming behavior and can cause it to continue indefinitely. So be careful that your affection is not working against you.

Remedy Recap – How To Stop Your Pug Screaming!

  • Reduce Stress – for overexcited pugs
  • Obedience training – for separation anxiety
  • Medication – only if directed by your veterinarian
  • Injury care and pain medication

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it is a place to start when your screaming pug is giving you trouble. Remember to pay attention to your pug’s behavior, if screaming is out of the ordinary, don’t dismiss it right away, it may be a sign of something more serious.

In Summary – Why Do Pugs Scream?

Now we know what causes our pugs to scream and a few things we can do about it, but really, pugs are screaming to share with you their big emotions in the only way they know how. Let’s face it, of all the breeds they are one of the most dramatic. But don’t let that scare you away from this beautiful breed. Pugs are loyal, goofy fur balls that bring joy to their owners. 

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