Pug Pitbull Mix – Is The Pug Pit Right For Your Family?

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For dog-lovers looking for a unique and sweet hybrid breed, the pug pitbull mix (or Pug Pit) may be your ideal dog. These pups combine the relaxed and playful temperament of pugs with the confident attitude of Pitbulls.  

To learn more about a pitbull and pug mix, read this article that will break down the temperament and behavior of both parent breeds as well as the hybrid so you can decide if this adorable breed is right for your lifestyle. 

pug pitbull mix


Pugs are a charming and rambunctious little breed that can bring a lot of love and fun to your family. 

pug pitbull mix

Affection Level

Pugs are super lovey-dovey towards their owners and family and are fantastic with children. Pugs have a calm temperament that makes them perfect for cuddling on the couch or snuggling up in bed. 

These little dogs love to make other canine friends, even if that means following a dog all around the park. 

Energy Level

Pugs have pretty low energy levels and prefer mental stimulation over physical exercise. That doesn’t mean they don’t love a good walk to get some sniffs in. 

But if you and your family don’t have the energy, time, or commitment for a dog that needs a lot of physical exercise, pugs are a wonderfully lazy breed.

Despite their moderate energy levels, pugs usually love toys and will play all day with their humans when toys are involved. So be prepared to play some tug-of-war and spend some money on fun and mentally stimulating pug toys


Pugs are usually fawn or black and sometimes have spots or brindle markings. Their smooth, short fur coats tend to shed a lot so consider matching your furniture to the color of your pug!

Most people know pugs are a small breed weighing no more than 20 pounds on average. So if you live in a smaller space, they can manage comfortably. 

Luckily, pugs aren’t huge droolers, but you should still expect some slobber every once in a while. 


The other half of the pitbull and pug mix has a lot to offer its owners. Pitbulls bring wonderful qualities to the pug and pitbull mix. 

pug pitbull mix

Affection Level

Pitbulls love snuggles and pets, so they are very affectionate with their owners, which plays into their immense sense of loyalty. They are one of the most protective breeds and are often watchdogs or guard doga. 

Even though they can be territorial, Pitbulls accept strangers, especially when they are outside what they consider their domain. 

In general, Pitbulls are great with children and become very protective over them. And as far as the dog park goes, it depends on the individual dog. Some Pitbulls love other canines, while some are more suspicious. 

Energy Level

These pups will play until they drop if you let them. Pitbulls are brimming with energy and love to go on long walks, runs, and get out their pent-up verve.

Some Pitbulls will be all about toys, while others may be more food-focused. But nearly all of them benefit from long and frequent walks to work their bulky muscles. 

They also require a decent amount of mental stimulation as they are a smart breed. Treat-dispensing toys and training will keep their mind occupied and tire them out immensely. 


Pitbulls come in many different colors, and one of the most distinct appearances is the blue pit. They can also have a wide array of markings from brindle to spots to patches.  

Their coat is short and smooth and doesn’t require frequent grooming, but they can shed. Pitbulls can weigh anywhere between 35 and 60 pounds and often have a stocky build that makes them look very muscular and toned. 

The Pug Pitbull Mix Temperament

Pug pitbull mixes are an adorable combination of pug and pitbull terriers referred to as Pug Pits or Pugbulls. This mixed breed combines many of the best features of both breeds and can make excellent family dogs and companions.

pug pitbull mix

Affection Level

If you get a pitbull pug mix, you are in for a lot of love. These dogs are extremely cuddly and love to receive pets and give kisses in return. 

In addition to being affectionate with their family, they also tend to be friendly with strangers and very open to engaging with people they don’t know. These little dogs will also become immediate friends with almost any other canine because they are so friendly. 

Energy Level

For the most part, a pitbull and pug mix usually takes on the personality from the pug parent rather than the pitbull. They are content to lay around the house and relax but appreciate a good walk so they can enjoy new smells. 

Like pugs, they benefit more from mental stimulation than physical exercise, but every dog needs both to live a content life. A pug pitbull mix that isn’t kept stimulated can become antsy and bothersome, so you must help them exercise their mind as well as their body. 


A pug and pitbull mix usually take on the size of their pug parent breed, weighing no more than 30 pounds. Their small pug statue pairs with the stocky appearance and muscle tone of pitbulls. 

Like both parent breeds, their coat will be smooth, soft, and short with moderate shedding. They can have a myriad of different colors and markings that they usually inherit from their pitbull parent. 

A pitbull pug mix will usually have a head shaped more like a pitbull, so less flat with a wider, prominent forehead. 

Other Names For Pug Pitbull Mix

  • Pug-A-Bull
  • Pugabul
  • Pit Pug
  • Pit-a-Pug
  • Pugbull Terrier

Conclusion – Is The Pug Pitbull Mix Right For You?

If you want a fun-loving and small-sized dog, a pitbull pug mix is a sweet and playful breed perfect for almost any family. They don’t require loads of exercise, but they need loads of love, so be prepared to give lots of pets and rubs.

The pug pitbull mix is a breed that encapsulates the loyalty and love of a pitbull with the laid-back and snuggly attitude of a sweet little pug.

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