6 Best Pug Breeders in Virginia (VA)

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Pugs are a centuries-old breed originating from China, where it was reserved for the royal family. It’s a companion dog that immigrated to Europe in the sixteenth century, finding its way across the ocean by the late 19th century. So, which are the best pug breeders in Virginia (VA)?

With the boom of the pug business, it has attracted vendors from different walks of life. It’s imperative to identify reputable pug breeders in Virginia by distinguishing their services. Honest breeders should furnish you with everything concerning the dog, its care, parents, and how long they’ve been breeding pugs.

Pug Breeders In Virginia

The best pug breeders in Virginia (VA) will be anxious to know more about you before handing over the pup. They’ll ascertain that you’re the correct fit to parent the young doggy, and if they lack empathy, it should be a red flag. For such a breeder, it’s not about the money, but they’re openly committed to the betterment of the breed.

pug breeders in virginia

More about the Pug Breed

The pug is an intelligent, playful dog with expressive eyes and a short flat muzzle complemented by a sweet demeanor. It has a low-key lifestyle, making it the ideal city or apartment living dog but in a stable environment. The dog is sensitive to how someone acts or speaks, although it recovers from negative temperament quickly.

It’s a small-sized canine, but that doesn’t belay its fierceness and love for its owner, making it an excellent guard dog. For the pug, it’s the fight in the dog, plus dedication and absolute toughness. However, in the right environment, pugs rarely become tentative or give indications of hostility.

The lively and cordial dog coexists well with everybody, especially active children and even outsiders. It’s also an easy companion to prepare for, as pugs don’t require much support. But unfortunately, the dog’s magnificent short coat is delicate, and this breed tends to slobber.

Who Are the Best Pug Breeders in Virginia (VA)?

In Virginia (VA), you can search for the right lifelong pug partner without leaving the state. Expect an average price of between $600 and $1,500 for standard puppies and $1,900 to $2,500 for superior lineage. Other expenditures can include vet visits for immunization and certification, food, toys, bedding, and doggy necessities.

Here’s a listing of the six best pug breeders in Virginia (VA). These include:

Ginseng Pugs

Website: GinsengPugs

Pugs are raised in a beautiful country house in Virginia’s Culpeper County by a family of small home breeders. After this breed brought happiness into their lives, they started raising it and wanted that joy shared with others. All the dogs at this breeding farm are pets, living within the premises with lots of love and attention.

Ginseng pug puppies are well socialized with children and adults, ready to become the excellent companion you’re looking for. The breeders sell their charges to pet homes with limited American Kennel Club or AKC registration.

Howling Hills Kennels LLC

Website: HowlingHillsKennels

At Howling Hills Kennels LLC, pugs have been bred and loved by a family of breeders operating since 1995. They’re proud to offer quality purebred and beautiful puppies, maintaining a reputation for reliability and respectability. Dogs at these kennels have lots of running space with the freedom to roam and inspect the outside territory both day and night.

On arrival at howling hills kennels, LLC, you’ll be greeted by happy, friendly pug faces and lots of tail wagging. These dogs are prepared to give you lots of attention even if you’re an outsider, and the kennels have a good standing with the AKC. Their kennels are located on 11347 Eskridges Lane Catlett in Virginia (VA); all pups are purebred, registered, dewormed, and microchipped.

Hidden Hollow Kennel

Website: HiddenHollowKennel

The passion only surpasses customer satisfaction for the pug puppies for sale in Virginia at Hidden Hollow Kennel. These breeders are proud to introduce families to this breed in Virginia and beyond. They take the well-being of their dogs as the highest priority. A health program for these animals consists of special prenatal diets for expectant mothers and removal from the birth cycle for a break.

Puppies from hidden hollow kennel are of top quality, purebred, and the best choice for any family. To get your forever puppy, visit the pug breeders kennels at 11 wise Hill Ln. Mt. Crawford, Virginia (VA).

Mountainside Pugs

Website: MountainsidePugs

Mountainside Pugs is a small hobby breeder with deposit holding spots with a couple of litters each year. Puppies are often ready in mid-July, and these breeders announce their expected litter ahead of time. They breed lovely dogs trained to be great companions, and they do genetic testing for congenital deficiencies.

If you want to be on their limited waiting list, email or call Mountainside Pugs or visit their web pages. All puppies are up-to-date on vaccinations, deworming, registration for a health guarantee, and they’re located in Gore, Virginia.

Colebrook Posh Pugs

Website: ColebrookPoshPugs

Colebrook Posh Pugs are a small and dedicated breeder located on over five acres of land in Broadway, Virginia. Since 2007, they have had puppies available once or twice a year, with litters announced months in advance. The puppies are of show and family quality in black and fawn colorations with healthy and happy breeding lines. 

All puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee, family history, and (limited) registration paperwork for the AKC. Contact the breeders by email, phone, or text to reserve a puppy in an upcoming litter or talk about their favorite breed.

Pauley’s Pups

Website: PauleysPups

Located in Ashland, VA, Pauley’s Pups specializes in small breeds – including pugs. Their homepage displays pictures of the currently available puppies, all with details and prices.

When you schedule a visit – which is super easy to do due to their ample availability – they will give you a fully personalized service. Their 27+ years of experience allow the staff to provide expert guidance.

Their A+ rating on the BBB and their financing options also speak of their excellent customer service. But it also means they ensure the puppies are healthy and top quality.

Conclusion – Pug Breeders In Virginia

The best pug breeders in Virginia (VA) offer enthusiastic canines with dynamisms that are superb for the condo environment. Pugs adjust well to a wide range of conditions and adore long strolls. Exercise is an integral part of their proper upbringing.

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