4 Best Pug Breeders in Ohio (OH)

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Are you eager to welcome a new puppy into your life? Then, why not consider bringing home a Pug to make your hope a tad more exciting? Known for their wrinkly, short faces and small yet feisty personalities, Pugs can brighten up any day.

Although many states across the country participate in Pug breeding, you can find several Pug breeders in Ohio (OH).

However, if you’re looking for the friendliest, healthiest Pug puppies for your family, you’ll need to find breeders you can trust. So, consider checking out this list narrowing down the best Pug breeders in Ohio.

A Brief History of the Pug Breed

The Pug is one of the world’s smallest, oldest dog breeds originating from ancient China. They were initially bred as companion dogs for the wealthy and became increasingly popular throughout the centuries. 

Their trademark stout body, short legs, and flat faces result from long-term breeding and the breed’s increased popularity. Although these characteristics make them prone to several health issues, they’re still considered one of the world’s liveliest, quirkiest, and most loveable dog breeds. In 1885, the American Kennel Club officially recognized them.

pug breeders in ohio

What to Look for When Choosing a Pug Breeder

Before reaching out to any Pug puppy breeders in Ohio, you’ll need to dedicate some of your time to find out more about your potential breeder options. Since they’re a popular breed, you can expect several untrustworthy sources eager to make money off of them.

Ideally, the best way to guarantee the legitimacy of Pug breeders in Ohio is to check if they prioritize the health of the puppies and parents. If they don’t give you the information on the phone or via their website, it’s more than likely an unlicensed breeder or puppy mill.

It would also be wise to ask a potential breeder about the following:

  • One-year genetic health guarantee
  • If they’ll let you see the puppies and mother
  • Health and temperament checks for parents
  • Preliminary puppy vet visits, vaccinations, and deworming
  • Their knowledge about proper Pug care

Who Are the Best Pug Breeders in Ohio?

Finding a qualified breeder can be quite challenging for anyone with a busy schedule, so here are some trusted Pug breeders in Ohio you can count on if you’re looking for a healthy Pug who’ll give you 12 to 15 years of companionship.

Sheffield Pugs

pug breeders in ohio

Website: https://sheffieldpug.com

One of the best AKC Pug breeders in Ohio that we recommend for the healthiest Pug puppies is Sheffield Pugs, located in Clayton, Ohio. Since 1961, this breeder has prioritized breeding healthy Pugs for showmanship and companionship.

To ensure that every Pug puppy has a stable temperament and health, they stay with their littermates and parents until they’re at least 16 weeks old. During this timeframe, they learn proper socialization, begin toilet and crate training, get microchipped, and have their vaccinations up to date.

They also interview potential new owners to see if their dogs are compatible with their lifestyle and environment.

Silver Maple Puppy & Equine

pug breeders in ohio

Website: https://silvermaplepuppyandequine.com

If you’re having trouble finding Pug breeders in Cleveland, Ohio, the closest one you can find is Silver Maple Puppy & Equine at Sugarcreek, about 80 miles south. They have 39 acres of fenced farmland and a climate-controlled housing area for the Pugs they breed and raise. Besides Pugs, they also specialize in Corgi and Newfoundland breeding.

Although their Pugs are only available with fawn-colored coats, they ensure every puppy goes to their new home with one-year genetic health warranties and up-to-date vaccinations and deworming. They also selectively breed for good temperament and health while following the AKC’s breed standards.

Tipping Point Farm

pug breeders in ohio

Website: https://www.tippingpointfarm.com

If you’re having trouble finding Pug dog breeders in Medina, Ohio, the closest breeder I recommend reaching out to is Tipping Point Farm, about half an hour north in Columbia Station. 

If you’re looking for a breeder with a wide Pug color variety, this breeder is your best option. Standard coat colors, like fawn and black, typically cost around $1,500, while rare colors, like brindle and panda, start at $3,500. Like other qualified breeders, they monitor every pup’s health and behavior.

Their Pug puppies are typically ready to go with their new owners when they’re eight or nine weeks of age. If the puppy has congenital defects when received, they will refund the puppy’s purchase price or replace the pup if your vet detects any issues within the first three days of taking your Pug home.

Pug Way Of Life

pug breeders in ohio

Website: https://pugwayoflife.com

For the last 16 years, Pug Way Of Life in Sidney, OH, has acted as one of the most reliable Pug breeders in Ohio for anyone interested in these wrinkly balls of energy. The breeder’s sire and dames have registered and healthy bloodlines, and positive temperaments, ensuring that any AKC, CKC, and non-registered puppy can live a happy life with their new families.

They also give their Pugs plenty of socialization, exercise, and a grain-free diet.

Pug Puppies for Sale in Ohio (OH)

Are you having trouble finding reliable Pug breeders in Ohio? If so, several reliable online marketplaces showcase Pug puppies for sale from reputable breeders throughout the state. Several outlets, like The American Kennel Club Marketplace and PuppySpot, let people view Pug puppies and help them reach out to qualified breeders to see if they’re the right fit for them.

Keep in mind that the costs for each Pug puppy can differ based on their pedigree, coat color, health, and other specific factors that may differ from breeder to breeder.

Conclusion – The Best Pug Breeders in Ohio (OH)

Although narrowing down the best reputable Pug breeders in Ohio might feel overwhelming, you need to find out if they’re raising them in the best conditions to ensure they’ll live long, healthy lives. Ideally, you check if they’re registered with the AKC and have extensive knowledge and experience about upbringing puppies of this breed.

Feel free to ask as many questions as possible if you’re unsure about what to expect from any breeder or platform advertising Pug puppies for sale.

Even if you have to wait a while after paying the required deposits, it’s best to do your research and pick out a puppy with the proper development and care instead of making an impulse purchase from places with poor conditions that are only interested in profits.

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