Best Pug Breeders in New York (NY)

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Maybe it’s time for you to add a canine companion to your household. Or maybe you’re just curious about knowing who are the best pug breeders in New York. Either way, you are in the right place!

Making a decision about where to buy a pug puppy in New York might be daunting, especially bearing in mind how New York brims with dog breeders. In fact, these breeding services keep on multiplying. However, it’s always best to do your homework and find a reputable, certified, and experienced pug breeder you can trust.  

Pugs continue to be loved all around the world. They are easy to care for and are well suited to living in cities such as New York. They are easygoing, small, and cool to own. Better still, their temperament allows them to get along with everyone, from children to the elderly.

best pug breeders in new york

But pugs also have many common health problems. Buying from a knowledgeable, caring breeder can help you avoid many of these costly issues further down the track.

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The Pug Breed

Talk about being a lot of a dog in a small space. Pugs are compact, sturdy, purebred dogs initially bred as lap dogs. 

They are known to thrive on human companionship since they can get along with almost everyone. They make great apartment pets. Some people have already nicknamed them “clowns of the canine world” due to their incredible sense of humor. They are known for their show off too.

Pugs are also affectionate and playful. You won’t have a hard time raising them, even if you are a novice dog owner. These traits make them a possible fit if you are looking for an easygoing, loving, kind pet.

best pug breeders in new york

However, even though pugs are suitable to keep as house pets, they are quite sensitive. As such, the dog will not appreciate being left by themselves at home all day. They are also stubborn, making it hard for owners to house train them.

Lastly, pugs appear to have funny-looking and distinct faces with deep wrinkles running throughout. In fact, their name, pug, a Latin word for fist, is borrowed because their face is shaped like one. The flat and round facial appearance makes them even more adorable.

Finding a trusted pug dog breeder in New York can be daunting, mainly due to the influx of dog breeders in the area. It is essential to conduct thorough research before making a decision.

Below is a list of the best pug puppy breeders in New York.

Fairytale Frenchies (And Pugs!)

best pug breeders in new york

Website: FairytaleFrenchies

Fairytale Frenchies is one of the best dog pug breeders in Putnam County, Western New York and its environs. While most of the photos on their website are French Bulldogs, they are also respected and established pug breeders – all of which are AKC registered.

The organization is a family-based dog breeding program that breeds pugs as a hobby. The good thing about this breeder is that it has been operating in New York for more than 17 years. All of their pugs have non-protruding eyes and double curled tails, with nice open nostrils – and no health problems.

Fairytale Frenchies are fond of their dogs to the point that they raise them in their bedrooms. Here, the dogs give birth, receive treatment, and are taken care of.

The major stronghold of Fairytale Frenchies over other pug breeders in New York is its lifetime guarantee policy for their pets. This way, they can never abandon their dogs even after the owner gets tired of them.

Better still, they are always ready to take back any dog at any point whenever necessary. Besides, you have a three-year health guarantee for your pug after getting it from them – which is excellent assurance from any breeder.

Renwar’s Pugs New York

best pug breeders in new york

Website: RenwarsPugs

Another family-based breeder, Renwar’s Pugs is a New York pug breeder with much experience breeding different breeds. Over the years, the breeder has managed to breed English Springer Spaniels, German Shepherds, Boxers, and, of course, pugs.

However, the breeder has made it clear that pugs are their favorites, citing a substantial and unconditional love for them!

One thing about Renwar’s Pugs is that they put the dogs’ necessities before anything else. Unlike some pug breeders in New York, they do not sell their pugs to just anyone.

Most of their customers are either previous loyal customers or their referrals. Their trust is two ways; they will ensure they earn your trust, but you have to earn theirs.

A closer look at their website testimonials will have you realize how much love and effort they put into breeding these dogs. Customers are always praising them and their services.

Pennwood Pugs

best pug breeders in new york

Website: PennwoodPugs

Pennwood Pugs is a pug breeding service founded by Helen Rosier. The story behind this breeding is motivational. Initially, Helen was just an ardent dog lover who purchased a pug as her first pet. However, the dog’s health wasn’t stable, which led to many challenges. Even though she loved her dog so much and tried all she could, the dog succumbed to PDE.

This loss was an eye-opener for her, and she decided to breed healthy and sound puppies for other people not to undergo what she went through. The breeder doesn’t just want you to purchase a pug, but a healthy one that won’t give you stressful nights.

All the dogs here are AKC registered, and Helen is a member of the PDCA. Some of these dogs are show champions. She has been in the breeding business for over ten years now.

House of Briggs Pugs (PA)

best pug breeders in new york

Website: HouseOfBriggsPugs

Close to New York in Bangor, PA is House of Briggs Pugs. This is a dog breeding agency run by Barbara Briggs. She has been a dog lover all her life, with a record of owning many different breeds of dogs. However, it is safe to say that pugs are her firm favorite.

She is a certified breeder with qualifications and a proven track record. Also, she puts a lot of effort into breeding the best family pets. Her customers deem her a breeder who takes great pride in offering the best, healthiest, and most beautiful pugs.

All the pug puppies for sale under Barbara have been registered with AKC. Also, when you buy a pug here, you receive the litter certification and all the necessary registration papers.

Walk The Line Pug Ranch

best pug breeders in new york

Website: WalkTheLinePugRanch

In business since 2000, Walk the Line Pug Ranch has an excellent reputation as pug breeders. In addition to breeding healthy, purebred pug puppies, they also operate a small pug rescue as well.

These breeders are run by four generations of the same family in New York, on a 100 acre farm, and they’re one of the most established breeders in the state. Their mission is to preserve the original looks of the pug dog as they would have been in early China.

As AKC breeders, they test all their pugs extensively for common health issues such as DNA tests, OFA, and luxating patellas – which ensures any pug puppy you buy will have an excellent chance at maintaining top health and having a long life.

These breeders charge top dollar for their purebred pug puppies (around $4,500) – but you can rest assured spending the extra will be worth it for one of these well-bred pugs.

Sapphire Bay Pugs (PA)

pug breeders in new york

Website: SapphireBayPugs

Located just outside of New York in Western Pennsylvania, Sapphire Bay Pugs have been breeding pug puppies for almost two decades.

Their pugs are show class and have won many competitions and show classes. They’re AKC and Pug Dog Club Of America registered, so you can have peace of mind that their pug puppies will be released with a clean bill of health.

Kelz Pugs

pug breeders in new york

Website: Kelz Pugs Facebook

Kelly Maurer is a pug breeder located in Tonawanda in Western New York state. She has been breeding and showing healthy pug puppies for 15 years.

Kelz Pugs only offers their puppies on a “spay and neuter” contract to new owners – meaning that you won’t be able to breed from your pug. All puppies are AKC show standard, and registered – with receive extensive health testing to ensure they’re fit and strong for their new forever homes.

Puppies from Kelz typically cost around $3,000 and are released to new owners at 12 weeks of age. Every puppy includes a two year health guarantee and microchipping to keep your pug safe. You’ll need to meet Kelly in person, as potential pug parents are screened carefully before the pug goes home with them, and pugs are not shipped so you’ll need to arrange a personal pickup.

Casull Pugs NY

pug breeders in new york

Website: CasullPugs

Casull Pugs is located in Upstate New York, near Syracuse. They were established in 2007 and are registered AKC and Pug Dog Club Of America members. They are proud to breed show pugs which are high performers in Obedience, Rally, and Agility.

All of their breeding pugs are AKC champions, and screened for genetics, temperaments, and health which they pass on to all of their pug litters.

These New York pug breeders sell two tiers of pug puppies. Standard pugs (for around $2,800) and top tier show-class pugs (for around $4,500). All pug puppies come with AKC registration and are able to be picked up once they are 12 weeks old.

Casull Pugs occasionally also have adult pugs that are available to loving, caring homes.

Andi Pugs NY

pug breeders in new york

Website: AndiPugs

Eileen Barbieri has been breeding show-quality pugs since the mid-1980’s, and her dedication to producing beautiful pug puppies is still going strong, decades later!

This New York pug puppy breeder has achieved many awards for her pugs, and was named AKC pug breeder of the year in 2019 with a gold distinction.

All pug puppies from Andi Pugs have extensive health testing – and great temperaments, which makes them perfect for families. You can expect to pay around $3,500 for one of their gorgeous pug pups.

Final Thoughts – Best Pug Breeders In New York

Pug dogs make great companions and are relatively low-maintenance compared to other breeds. They are also generally healthy and long-lived. When choosing a pug dog, be sure to purchase from a qualified breeder in order to get a dog that has been properly bred and socialized.

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