Best Pug Breeders in California (CA)

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Looking for a trustworthy pug breeder near you in CA? These are our recommendations for best pug breeders in California.

It can be tricky to figure out which breeders are legitimate, so we decided to put together this article to help you find the best breeder.

Pugs have grown in popularity over time due to their cuteness and lovable nature. Read on to learn about the best places to find your next lovable companion.

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How To Know if a Pug Breeder Is Legitimate

We’ve all heard of puppy mills, those awful money-hungry places that treat dogs poorly for profit. Since you will want to avoid mills, you must research any breeder you are thinking about buying a pug from.

Here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Be wary of big discounts. A puppy mill is much more likely to undercut the market than a legitimate breeder who has invested in training, veterinary care and other treatments. 
  • Also, reputable breeders do their best to make sure each dog is going to a good home. They will likely ask you questions to get a feel for whether you are ready, willing and able to take care of a puppy. Puppy mills and scam artists are less likely to be concerned about these things and will sell to anyone.
  • Finally, check online reviews to learn about previous customers’ experiences with each breeder.

best pug breeders in california

What To Look For in a Pug Breeder

Reputable pug breeders treat their dogs with the utmost care and affection, which includes proper nutrition, veterinary care, socialization and behavior training. 

When researching breeders, try to find accurate information about how they raise their puppies. Insightful knowledge can come from online reviews, acquaintances who have bought from a specific breeder or by asking the breeder directly.

Find out how knowledgeable they are about the breed. Can they relay information such as life expectancy, general personality traits, temperament, etc.? Can they tell you how best to take care of a pug, and what types of owners are usually best to ensure the animal lives a happy and healthy life?

Also, make sure the breeder can present health records for each pup. Paperwork shows a clear indication of how good the breeder is. Health forms should include all vet records and vaccinations.

best pug breeders in california

How To Choose the Right Pug Breeder for You

The first thing to look for is location. Do you live in the Bay Area, Los Angeles or San Diego? Pug breeders are available across California, so the first step is to find one near you.

Next, what is your budget? Purebred pugs can cost around $1,000 in California from reputable breeders mainly due to their high demand. Before looking for pug breeders, make sure the breed is within your budget.

Furthermore, it is helpful to call each breeder before visiting them. A conversation can help you get a feel for how they treat the dogs and whether they are likely to have the one you’re looking for. 

Pugs come in four main colors: fawn, black, apricot, and silver. If you are looking for a specific type of pug, you should ask the breeder if they have that type before visiting the facility.

Best Pug Breeders in California (CA)

Here are some of the best pug breeders in California to begin your research:

Masse’s Pudgy Pugs

best pug breeders in california

Website: MassesPudgyPugs

Masse’s Pudgy Pugs is located in Mira Loma, California. It has lots of great reviews, and many consider it one of the best options for prospective pug owners.

Masse’s Pudgy Pugs breeds American Kennel Club (AKC) black, fawn, apricot, and silver fawns with champion bloodlines. The puppies are really cute and well taken care of with the current vaccines, deworming and nutrition. Masse’s socializes the pugs from birth to ensure owners receive a happy, lovable pup.

The breeders raise the kennel-free, and Masse’s only sells to approved homes to make sure their dogs are treated well after they leave.

According to customer reviews, Corinna (the breeder) is available to answer questions and offer support even after purchase. 

With a combination of high-quality breeding and excellent customer service, Masse’s Pudgy Pugs is worth considering.

Tesoro Pugs

best pug breeders in california

Website: TesoroPugs

Tesoro Pugs is incredibly passionate about what they do. They have been breeding since 1999 and have raised, trained and handled many championship pugs.

Tesoro Pugs does not mass-produce puppies. They only breed once or twice per year with the best AKC champions. They keep the puppies that have show potential and occasionally sell some as pets to serious or past pug parents.

Needless to say, if you receive a pup from Tesoro Pugs, it is likely of the highest standard.

While the average customer might have a tough time getting a pug from Tesoro Pugs simply due to the lack of supply available, Tesoro is worth contacting if you are serious about owning a pug raised with the highest standards of care.

Blaque Pugs

best pug breeders in california

Website: BlaquePugs

Blaque Pugs is run by Blanche Roberts, who has been breeding and showing pugs since 1976. Her kennel is a champion machine, having produced more than 100 champions, including eight all-breed Best in Show winners.

Blanche breeds her pugs to become both champions and loving companion dogs. She raises her pugs  to the AKC standard, which includes:

  • General appearance
  • Size, proportion and substance
  • Head
  • Neck, topline and body
  • Forequarters
  • Hindquarters
  • Coat
  • Color
  • Markings
  • Gait
  • Temperament

Similar to some of the top breeders in California, pug puppies for sale are only available occasionally. If you are interested, you can contact Blaque Pugs directly for more information.

Caravelle Pugs

best pug breeders in california

Website: CaravellePugs

Caravelle Pugs is one of the best pug breeders in the Bay Area. Located in Sacramento, they take great pride in the dogs they have raised over the years and are careful about who they sell to.

A questionnaire is required so they can learn about what kind of puppy you are looking for and what type of home the puppy will live in. 

One of the most notable aspects of Caravelle Pugs is they do not take deposits to keep a puppy on hold. Their goal is to place their puppies in the best homes possible, so they do not want people to feel obligated to take a puppy. This alone shows how dedicated Caravelle is to the well-being of their puppies.

All their puppies are dewormed, have their dewclaws removed, are vaccinated, and are paper-trained. They are also micro-chipped for identification.

Conclusion – Best Pug Breeders In California (CA)

Although we have listed some well-known and reputable pug breeders in this article, it is still vital for you to do research and determine whether a breeder is a good option.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good starting point to begin the search for your pug pal.

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