Pug Accessories

Essential products to keep your Pug safe, healthy, and happy

Pug Accessories

Essential accessories to keep your Pug safe, healthy, and happy

As a pug owner, there’s a few essentials you’ll need to buy to ensure your pug is healthy and happy all year round.

This page contains the exact products we personally use and/or recommend to new pug owners, as this brachycephalic dog breed has quite specific needs when it comes to things like brushes, bowls, and harnesses. 

Pugs can also have common health issues which means they might need things like gentle shampoos, thoughtful treats, nose butter, and wrinkle wipes to prevent and ease any skin problems.

These are our recommendations for pug essentials to keep your pug cool, cozy, and comfortable – plus some awesome gift ideas for pug lovers, and our recommended books about the pug breed to keep you informed and entertained.




Cooling Vests

Dog Doors

Nail clippers

Litter boxes

Treat Pouches

Treat Pouches

Treat Pouches

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PugFactsGuide is a small team of devoted Pug owners – so we understand what it’s like to be obsessed with your Pug! We consult with veterinarians and dog behavior experts to bring you the best advice for your furry companions.