Pomeranian Pug Mix – The Pom-A-Pug

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Have you ever wondered if the pomeranian pug mix is the ideal dog for you and your family? These lovely, unique dogs are designer breeds that have become incredibly popular due to their temperament, size, and adorable appearance.

In this article, we’ll break down the pros and cons of bringing a pomeranian pug mix into the family, their health and overall temperament, as well as how much they cost. Finally, we hope to shed a little light on whether or not this mixed breed is the right fit for your lifestyle. 

Pomeranians vs. Pugs 

To start, let’s take a look at the different breeds and the various characteristics their offspring are likely to possess. 


Pomeranians hail from a region of Northern Europe called Pomerania. Their current size is thanks to the breeding efforts of England’s Queen Victoria, who bred them to be lapdogs. 

In general, Pomeranians are small dogs that don’t typically exceed 10 pounds. Despite their small stature, they have bold personalities and a loud bark that they enjoy letting others hear. Although stubborn, they respond well to positive reinforcement and regular training. 

pomeranian pug mix

People generally describe Pomeranians as smart and curious dogs. They are also very energetic and love to explore.

Most Pomeranians have long, straight coats that feel coarse to the touch. They do shed quite a bit and require regular brushing to maintain. Pomeranians are frequently compared to foxes, thanks to their narrow, sharp faces and upright ears. 


Pugs originated from China, dating as far back as 400 B.C. Tibetan monks also kept them for company. Even Queen Victoria was famously fond of the breed and had several throughout her lifetime. 

pomeranian pug mix

They are loving family dogs that are generally calm and a little bit lazy. Although they have lower energy levels compared to a pomeranian, they love walks and being able to sniff around the dog park to exercise their minds. 

Pugs are also friendly creatures that adore their humans. They are sweet and lovable, with incredibly expressive faces. Their flat faces, classic underbite, and slightly bulging eyes are its signature look.

What Do You Call a Pug and Pomeranian Mix?


There are many names for Pug and Pomeranian offspring, including Pugeranian, Pugpom, Pugapom, Pomapugs, or Pug-Poms. The Designer Breed Registry recognizes this breed as a Pom A Pug, while the Designer Dogs Kennel Club recognizes them as Pom-A-Pugs. 

No matter what you call them, they are playful, energetic dogs that make wonderful family pets. 

pomeranian pug mix

Pros and Cons of a Pomeranian Pug Mix

Like any mixed dog breed, there are pros and cons to adding a pug pomeranian mix to the family. 

Pros of the Breed

This delightful hybrid dog breed combines pugs’ companionship and fun personality with Pomeranians’ intelligence, independence, and general sassiness. They are loyal, friendly, and affectionate. 

They are also protective. Pomeranians make excellent watchdogs, which is a trait that transfers over to the hybrid breed. They have an instinct for danger, making them initially wary around strangers. However, this can be great if you are looking for a smaller-sized guard dog. 

Finally, their temperament is the perfect fit for a variety of families. From cranky cats to boisterous children, they love their pack and can get anxious if left alone for too long


Things to Consider

Although pomeranian pug mixes are fun to have around, there are a few downsides to keep in mind. 

The first idea to consider is that they are pint-sized dogs. If you are looking for a dog that can be an outdoor companion for an active lifestyle, such as running or hiking, this might not be the mix for you. This breed is ideal for smaller living spaces and requires minimal exercise, like a short walk or an hour at the dog park. 

They are also rather noisy. Both Pomeranians and pugs are pretty noisy dogs on their own, but the mix is especially so. Although this makes them great watchdogs, their bark is loud and rather shrill. 

This breed also requires a specific climate, as they don’t thrive in extreme temperatures. Instead, they do best in stable, warm environments. 

pomeranian pug mix


There is no getting around how cute pomeranian pug mixes are. Their looks can shift from one parent to another. However, you can expect a few physical attributes from a Pom-A-Pug. 

Both males and females can grow between 8 and 13 inches tall and weigh up to 20 pounds. Most have a shorter snout with heavy wrinkles, a slight underbite, and a curly tail. Some pups who take after their pug parent will have bulging eyes, while those that take after their pomeranian parent may have a more narrow, petite face. 

Their coat colors vary from shades of brown, reddish-brown, and black and are generally medium in length. Different markings such as spots are standard. Both pugs and Pomeranianshave straight, coarse coats, as do Pug-A-Poms. They will almost always have brown eyes as well.




The intelligence of Pom-A-Pugs and their desire to please their owners make them highly trainable. They do well with crate training and learn to follow more complex commands than “sit” or “stay.” 


Pomeranian Pug mixes are toy breeds susceptible to general allergies and common skin conditions. They generally do not have the respiratory health issues that many pugs experience, although this isn’t entirely out of the question. 

Of the limited health issues this breed experiences, it is essential to note that they are prone to dental problems and tooth loss. Regular oral care and brushing will go a long way in minimizing this issue. 

A healthy Pom-A-Pug can live 8 to 15 years with regular vet checkups and vaccinations. 

How Much Does a Pomeranian Pug Mix Cost? 

Pomeranian Pug mix price varies. They are a designer breed, which means a heftier price tag than an adoption at your local shelter. In general, you can expect to spend between $700-$800.

Conclusion – The Pomeranian Pug Mix

Pom-A-Pugs are a sweet hybrid breed perfect for seniors, young adults, and families with children. They have lovely temperaments, are generally healthy dogs, and will bring years of happiness and love to your life. 

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