How to Trim a Pugs Nails

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If there’s one chore that every dog owner hates doing, it’s trimming their pup’s nails – and their dog generally feels the same way. Pugs tend to become drama queens the moment they sense their nails are about to get clipped, and this often isn’t pretty to look at or listen to. Preparing to get your Pug’s nails clipped is a task that takes careful planning – and a good strategy. So, if you want to learn how to trim a Pugs nails, keep reading!

Why Do I Need to Trim My Pug’s Nails?

Trimming your Pug’s nails is a super important part of your grooming routine. Although many of us pet owners don’t like to do it, it’s something that we must do regardless of our feelings or fears. 

Not only is a Pug nail trim necessary for his general hygiene and cleanliness, but it’s also a matter of safety. If a Pug’s nails get too long, they can become more prone to breaking. A broken nail can quickly become a severe issue if the break is significant enough. 

Broken nails can lead to infection, blood loss, pain, and swelling in a dog. 

It’s also a good idea to trim your Pug’s nails to avoid unnecessary scratching, damage to floors, and tears in your furniture. Plus, you don’t want to suddenly find your dog’s nail curled into their paw. It can be painful for them, so you want to regularly trim their nails to avoid any complications.

how to trim a pugs nails

Why Do Pugs Hate Getting Their Nails Cut?

Dog owners often hate trimming their pup’s claws because their dog can get immensely stressed.

But why do Pugs hate getting their nails cut so much? 

Most dogs hate it, actually; it’s not a breed-specific feeling. And these dogs usually dislike it due to past experiences where someone may have cut their nails too short and hit the quick. 

The quick is a nerve in a dog’s nail bed. It sits inside of the nail and is extremely sensitive. When we clip a dog’s nails too short, we risk hitting that nerve with the clippers. This experience is harrowing for a dog and can even cause it to bleed. 

It only takes one instance of hitting the quick to make your dog hate nail clipping forever. 

Additionally, some dogs don’t like the loud noise that the clippers make. They may also not enjoy having their paws touched or held. 

Do Pugs Have Long Nails?

All dog breeds can have long nails if they’re allowed to grow without getting trimmed. However, some evidence suggests that a Pug’s nails may grow faster than other breeds due to their activity levels.

Active dogs who spend a lot of time playing outside, running, and going on long walks will naturally file down their nails on different surfaces over time. 

Because Pugs are not super active dogs, they lack this natural filing that other breeds get. The result is usually faster-growing nails that must be trimmed. 

How to Trim a Pugs Nails Safely

By taking the proper steps, you can easily trim your Pug’s nails without any fuss or dramatic scenes. All it takes is a little care and a lot of patience, and it will be over before either of you can stress out about it! 

how to trim a pugs nails

Make Your Pug Comfortable

The nail-trimming process can be pretty frustrating for both you and your dog. The worst thing you can do in this situation is get stressed, lose your patience, yell, or worse. Your dog will feel what you’re feeling, and it will only stress them out more.

So, the first step is to make your Pug comfortable. Let them see the tool you’re using, whether it’s nail clippers or a nail grinder. They’ll probably give it a good sniff. Stay calm and positive and give them a treat after they finish checking it out. 

You can also try just touching the clipper to your dog’s nails. Don’t actually use it – just let it touch. Give your Pug a treat after this. Finally, squeeze the clipper or turn on the grinder so your dog can hear the sound.

And, once again, give him a treat and lots of praise. 

This process can be a slow one. You may need to practice these steps for several days before clipping your Pug’s nails. 

Trim One Nail at a Time

If your Pug has past trauma from nail clipping or is new to the process, it may be best to trim his nails one at a time. 

Try clipping just one nail per day. Cut the tip of one nail and immediately give your Pug lots of praise and a treat. Continue doing this every day until you see little to no reaction from him. 

Avoiding the Quick

The best way to learn how to trim your Pug’s nails without hitting the quick is by taking a quick lesson from your vet. Ask your vet to give you a quick lesson, and they’ll show you how to do it. 

To avoid the quick, clip only the tip of the nail. You should always avoid cutting the nail at the curve, as this brings you closer to the quick. Aim to clip only the hood-like portion. 

If your dog has white nails, it’s much easier to avoid the quick since you can see a pink center through the nail. So long as you avoid clipping the pink part, you’ll be okay. If you have a black pug, this can be trickier, as their nails are also black.

how to trim a pugs nails

Routine Clipping Steps

Once you’ve made your Pug comfortable with the clipper or grinder, you can follow these steps every 2 to 3 weeks: 

  • Gather your supplies and take your Pug to a quiet, safe room like the bathroom.
  • Gently take the first paw and hold it firmly with your thumb on the pad.
  • Press slightly to extend the nail.
  • Clip only the tip of the nail, and repeat for each nail on that paw.
  • Look over the paw for signs of injury.
  • Give your Pug a treat once the paw is finished, and repeat on the remaining paws.

Some dogs do best when they have some kind of distraction present, such as a spread of peanut butter on the floor or a favorite toy. 

Final Thoughts – How To Trim A Pug’s Nails

It’s essential to trim your Pug’s nails to avoid injury or damage to your home, but it’s scary to think about potentially hurting your favorite furry creature. Remember to take your time, make your Pug comfortable, and never clip the curve. 

If you still have doubts about clipping your Pug’s nails, you can always have your vet or a professional groomer do it for you. 

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