Do Pugs Shed?

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Most dogs, unless they are a hairless breed, shed to some degree. Despite their short coats, pugs are no exception. However, how much a pug sheds depends on coat type, maintenance, and environmental factors. 

Generally, pugs do shed a lot. However, do not let that turn you away from this family-friendly, cute, clownish, and cuddly breed.

How Much Do Pugs Shed?

As mentioned above, pug shedding varies depending on several factors, but you can expect to have pug fur laying around most of the time. Below are more in-depth explanations of what determines how much a pug sheds.


Pugs can have a double coat or single coat. Single coats are sleek, shiny, and less coarse than their wiry double-coat counterparts. While single coat pugs still shed at least somewhat, a double-coat pug sheds pretty constantly.

Characteristics of a double-coat pug are:

  • Short, coarse undercoat 
  • Long topcoat fur
  • Fur takes significant time to dry

The topcoat on a double-coat pug protects the base coat and skin underneath, so it does serve a purpose. However, it also causes excessive shedding.

Note that double-coats are possible regardless of coat color. Black pugs and fawn pugs are equally likely to have a single or double coat. 


Pug shedding is greatly affected by maintenance routines or lack thereof. For example, if you brush your pug daily, you are way less likely to have piles of pug fur around the house.

If you never brush your pug, all of that extra fur ends up in your home and all around. Your bed, corners of every room, and carpet hold onto pug fur like no other. 

Brushing your pug reduces the amount of fur in the air, and pugs generally love a good brushing. Double-coat pugs especially love being brushed as it helps get rid of itchy extraneous hair.

If brushing your pug every day seems like an undertaking, you can opt to take your furry friend to a groomer at least once a month. They know how to get rid of excess fur and keep your pug looking fresh!

Also, brushing is the most impactful maintenance step for pug shedding, but bathing your pug is another process that helps minimize excess fur. Try to wash your pug once every two weeks, but once a month is fine too. 

do pugs shed a lot


It is no secret that pugs are not suited for every climate. Their lack of snout makes breathing tricky in high temperatures, and pugs overheat easily.

The environment has a tremendous impact on how much a pug sheds as well. If you live in a humid, hot, tropical climate, your pug may shed less because it does not need to grow as much fur. Colder temperatures may result in your pug developing a thicker coat to stay warm.

Pugs thrive in mild, moderate climates that do not experience extreme weather. A temperate climate lets them breathe easy and keeps shedding in check. 

That said, pugs can survive in any climate and live long, happy lives. You may have to take extra measures to ensure they stay healthy and keep fur at a minimum.

Tips & Tools

Proper grooming gear is crucial when you have a shedding pug! Read on to figure out what brush will best suit your pug, how to dry your pug to minimize shedding, and more.


There are tons of brushes on the market, but a few are especially effective for diminishing excess fur. 

Shedding Blade

Don’t worry – this brush is not as scary as it sounds. A shedding blade has a typical brush handle with a loop-shaped metal comb on top, with teeth large enough to tug on those pesky hairs. 

A shedding blade may be your best bet if you: 

  • Have a double-coat pug
  • Need something with power
  • Live in a cold climate

Shedding blades are excellent for getting rid of fur, but you should invest in other brushes to keep the coat smooth and shiny.


Rake brushes are what they sound like – rakes! They help with excess shedding and are slightly less intense than a shedding blade. 

The teeth of the rake brush are not like a traditional leaf rake, though. They are denser and not as long as conventional rake prongs.

These are easy to use, and pugs love them. This brush feels like a back-scratch and keeps the coat healthy. There are brushes available for undercoat grooming, perfect for double-coat pugs. 

Pinhead Brush

Single-coat pugs require brushing too, and for those shiny guys, a pinhead brush makes grooming easy. 

A pinhead brush is a classic brush with bristles that have rubber points on the top. The benefits of using a pinhead brush are: 

  • Shiny coat 
  • Soft, sleek fur
  • Relaxing for you and your pug

While single-coat pugs shed, it is not as extreme as double-coat pugs, so less intense brushes are fine to use on their silky fur. 

Shampoos & Other Products 

Deshedding shampoos are a pug essential. These shampoos work by improving skin and fur health to cut down on shedding. 

These work well in conjunction with brushings, but do not expect them to be enough to stop your pug from shedding. However, since pugs are prone to skin conditions, fixing that ailment may help overall fur health. 

A pug with healthy fur is a happy pug! 

Other Products

For shedding pugs, purchasing a detangler is not a bad idea – especially if they have long fur. Detangler helps fur glide through the brush and keeps the prongs from tugging painful knots.

Other options are a conditioner, which works just like the human variant! Conditioner softens coarse pug fur and preps it for further grooming. 

Before trying any of these products, make sure your pug friend does not have any allergies to the ingredients. Pugs are prone to skin problems and infections regardless, so buy items for sensitive skin

Final Thoughts – Do Pugs Shed?

So, do pugs shed a lot? Absolutely. Excessive shedding can plague your carpet, couch, and pretty much everything else. Fortunately, there are measures to minimize shedding – and chances are, your pug will love getting the royal treatment!

Your pug is your best friend, so maintaining a grooming regimen is essential to ensure a healthy life.

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