Do Pugs Get Along with Cats? How To Introduce Them To Each Other

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The pug is known as the “perfect companion.” Since 400 B.C., the pug was bred for companionship reasons. But do pugs get along with cats?

The best way to keep pugs and cats friendly companions is to have them grow up together. Due to the pug’s size, cats won’t feel as threatened by them compared to large breeds. However, if you’re introducing a new pug to a cat or a new cat to a pug, there are steps to follow.

Overall, if owning a kitten with a pug pup isn’t an option, the question still remains – do pugs generally get along with cats?

do pugs get along with cats

A Pug’s Temperament

The pug is a highly social creature who is mainly quiet and adapts well to changing environments. 

Some disagreeable characteristics of the breed include:

  • Noisy – prone to snorting, grunting, and wheezing.
  • Slow mentality – can take months to housetrain and is often stubborn.
  • Health problems – Nose, eye, and joint diseases due to their smushed faces and stocky build. 
  • Gassy – Due to their squished face, pugs gulp a ton of air when they eat or drink, leading to flatulence.
  • They get extreme separation anxiety

While the pug breed isn’t all bad (after all, they represent royalty in history), many people love the Pug due to very agreeable characteristics such as:

  • Their squished faces, big eyes, and small bodies align for absolute cuteness.
  • Rarely causes mischief
  • A reasonably lazy breed who doesn’t need much entertainment but loves adventure.
  • Family-friendly, compassionate, and adaptable
  • Little to no barking

These toy breeds may live well with cats; however, pugs are needy animals needing constant attention, so they may become jealous quickly. Ensure that you share the love equally if you have a cat or are getting a cat. 

Introducing Cats and Pugs

People fall in love with cats because of their independent nature. Cats don’t need a ton of attention; however, they can be highly affectionate depending on the breed and personality. 

The most significant difference between cat and dog species is that cats have no issue doing their own thing and demand attention when they want it. Whereas dogs rely on their humans to give them attention and are not very independent.

do pugs get along with cats

The best way to introduce a cat to a pug (or vice versa) is to follow these tips:


Give them space in their own areas of the house. Do this the first week. After a couple days, switch their rooms and see how they react to each other’s scent.

First Sight  

Install a baby gate so the pug and cat cannot interact upon the first viewing but know each exists. Watch for body language and temperament. Give them both equal treats and love.

Leash Your Pug

After a week or two (depending on body language), leash your pug to your hip and allow your cat to explore. When you notice a positive interaction, give both species a treat and positive reinforcement. If you notice negative interactions, ensure you separate them and start from step one. 

Introducing a cat and a pug can be a lengthy process that you must be patient and understanding with. The main thing is following your instincts and doing what is best for all parties involved. 

What If My Cat and Pug Aren’t Getting Along After a Month?

If a cat and pug are not raised together, it can take up to six months before you see an improvement in behavior. Most cats are territorial and like to mark their property with pheromones (located in their cheeks). 

Take into account your individual pet’s personality. Not all breeds are alike, and every animal is unique to its own character. Ensure you give both pets your individual and undivided attention, and keep high places for your cat to escape. 

Spending time training your pug or keeping it distracted while your cat is loose can be an excellent technique for both animals to get used to the new change. 

do pugs get along with cats

Other Dogs That Get Along with Cats

Many family dog breeds will get along with the entire family; however, if you have a cat household first, proper introduction needs to occur with any newcomer. The same goes for if you own a pug or other dog while you’re bringing in a new cat. 

Dog breeds that are most likely to get along with cats are:

  • Labrador Retrievers/Golden Retrievers
  • Poodles
  • Sheepdogs
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Maltese

Many other breeds like the ones mentioned are great with cats as long as the meeting process runs smoothly. The above dog breeds all have a low prey drive, which is essential when residing cats and dogs together.

Frequently Asked Questions

After proper introduction and patience, you’ll find yourself asking questions like, “is it possible for my pug to kill my cat,” or “Can I leave them alone together?” Your questions have been answered.

How Do I Get My Pug to Stop Chasing After My Cat? 

Most times, your pug will not chase your cat. However, if this happens, you should redirect your pug’s attention immediately and bring your cat to a separate room to calm down. 

Will My Pug Kill a Cat?

If your cat is not declawed and is generally healthy, they will hold their own with defensive measures. Your pug is capable of killing your cat. However, the chances of that happening is very low. The pug is not equipped or bred to kill.

Can I Leave my Pug and Cat Alone Together?

It is not best to leave your cat and pug alone together in the first few months of knowing each other. You can leave them alone after you notice them getting along reasonably well. The first time you leave them alone together, ensure you create safe spaces for both your pug and cat. Don’t leave for longer than 30 minutes, and stay close to check on them. 

Are Pugs Good with Kittens Over Adult Cats?

A pug and a pup being raised together will get along significantly fine. However, if you bring a new kitten into a pug household, your pug will not see them any differently than they would with an adult cat. Ensure you follow the introduction steps carefully upon any first greeting. 

Bottom Line: Is it Possible for Pugs and Cats to Get Along?

So to recap, do pugs get along with cats? Pugs have a compassionate nature that leads to attentiveness. Pugs rely on their owners to supply them with all their basic needs. Cats are more independent, so they will do their own thing until dinner time, bedtime, or letting them outside (if you opt for outdoor cots). 

With time and patience, cats and pugs will get along. Because of a pug’s dependent, affectionate nature, they will likely get along with the entire family. Remember to always give both species equal attention and let them come to each other at their own pace. 

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