Meet the Chug: The Charming Chihuahua Pug Mix

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Next time you hear someone chanting “Chug, chug chug,” don’t be surprised if you glance over to see a rollie pollie puppy instead of a drink in their hand. 

A hybrid of the feisty chihuahua and homebody pug, chugs are companion pups who attach quickly to their owners. They’re small enough to keep in an apartment but have huge personalities that are equal parts silly, affectionate, and unadulterated charm.

Of course, no dog is perfect for every human. Before you rush out hoping to nab a chihuahua pug mix at your local animal shelter, read up on the breed with our guide.

chihuahua pug mix

Chihuahua Pug Mix Appearance

Like any other hybrid critter, chugs may favor one breed, or they might look like a perfect combination of both. It all depends on how the parent genes combine. Fortunately, chugs are working with a gene pool that’s brimming with toy breed cuteness. 

A chihuahua pug mix puppy brings together the best of both worlds thanks to its snub-nosed face and petite size. They’ll typically grow between 10-20 pounds and stand around a foot tall. They are very stout and sturdy, especially for their size. 

Pugs and chihuahuas typically have cream- or fawn-colored fur. However, you may see brown, black, white, or red hues. 

Both breeds are famously bug-eyed, so you can expect that enraptured expression no matter which parent they favor. The snout might look more brachycephalic (snubbed) like the pug or longer like a chihuahua. 

If you’re fortunate, your chug may inherit those darling little facial “rolls,” but don’t be surprised if they’re lacking. That just means their chihuahua traits are more prominent. 

Personality and Temperament

Pup personalities vary, but you should expect to see some common characteristics of both breeds shining through in your chug. 

For example, chihuahuas are notoriously loyal, usually to one particular person within a household. It can lead to jealousy and anxiety when your chug believes that you’re paying too much attention to anyone other than them. 

chihuahua pug mix

However, the good news is that chugs typically lack the extreme levels of separation anxiety that chihuahuas experience. They’re also markedly less yappy.

On the other side of the family tree, pugs also adore attention, constantly seeking your approval in the form of cuddles and back scratches. Prepare to have a life that revolves around keeping your furry friend from getting underfoot. 

Both breeds make excellent lapdogs who don’t need a ton of exercise to be perfectly content. They’d much rather enjoy a snack on the couch than pounce around with a ball. 


Prepare for an interesting journey to training your chug. 

People often characterize pugs and chihuahuas as “dumb” dogs, but that’s not the case! Despite their silly personalities, both parent breeds are pretty intelligent and pick up on cues quickly.

The problem stems from their willingness to dig their paws in for a rousing battle of wills with their owners. They also have attention spans similar to their stature: short. 

Keep things creative and quick during your training sessions. A chug will quickly become bored of performing according to your demands, leading to frustration for both parties. To make things easier, shower them in love, treats, and firm commands to build a strong relationship.

Caring for Your Chihuahua Pug Mix

Taking care of your chug isn’t complicated, but it does require some attention to detail. 

chihuahua pug mix

Feeding and Watering

Because they prefer lazy days in the recliner, chugs tend to have rapidly expanding waistlines if you feed them incorrectly. 

When they’re still youngsters, feed them small breed puppy food, then transition to adult food once they’re nearing 12 months. Even after they’re considered adults, a chihuahua pug mix needs kibbles small enough to chew in their tiny mouths. 


Overeating is pretty common in chugs, so mandatory daily exercise is necessary. 

While they won’t need 30 minutes of intensive fetching, a walk around the neighborhood in the morning and afternoon will do wonders for keeping your pug chihuahua mix puppy healthy. 

Be aware, though, that chugs with prominent snubs can become very ill if exposed to the heat for too long. Their shortened airways make it hard to breathe, and hot weather makes it worse. Keep an eye on your pup and provide plenty of water during exercise. 


Chugs are not hypoallergenic and will leave behind a trail of short fur everywhere they sit. Frequent brushing– preferably once a day– can help limit shedding. 

If your pup has wrinkles and rolls, be sure to clean between them with a soft, very slightly damp cloth. Dirt and grime can build up, irritating their skin. It might also cause your chug’s face to stink thanks to sneaky bacteria that live in the warm environment they thrive in. 

Chihuahuas and pugs are prone to overcrowding teeth, so be sure to help them out with their oral hygiene to prevent painful decay. While dry dog food does a decent job of nixing plaque, give their chompers a brushing a couple of times a week. 

chihuahua pug mix

Health Concerns

Hybrid dog breeds are popular because we get the opportunity to pick physical and personality characteristics we love, combining them into something brand new. 

But, that also means that chugs– along with any other “designer” mixed breed dogs– have double the health issues they could potentially inherit. While there’s no surefire way to predict if your pup will end up with these conditions, your best chance is to know the parents’ background. 

Common medical concerns for pugs include skin allergies, brachycephalic airway disease, and a brain disease called necrotizing meningoencephalitis.

Chihuahuas often suffer from epilepsy, low blood sugar, and heart disease. 

At the cross-section of both breeds, you’ll see joint issues, obesity, and dry eyes. 

The key to a long, happy, and healthy life with your chug is maintaining close contact with your veterinarian, who can catch complications before they become more serious.

Do You See a Pug and Chihuahua Mix in Your Future?

Chugs are certainly not hard dogs to love. They are incredibly snuggly, exceedingly loyal, and ridiculously cute. They make great companions for someone who has a lot of time to love a single dog but doesn’t do well when other pets might steal the spotlight. 

If you do decide on a chihuahua pug mix, prepare for 10-13 years of having a very best friend by your side. They’re genuine charmers with enough attitude for a canine three times their size. 

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