Can Pugs Eat Peanut Butter? What You Need To Know Before Feeding

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Can Pugs eat peanut butter? The answer is YES! Peanut butter is a yummy and nutritious treat for Pugs – and the good news is that it is perfectly safe for dogs to eat. It’s also a great way to distract your Pug when you need to give them tablets or other oral medication, or when it’s time to clip their nails!

However, there are a few rules when feeding peanut butter to your Pug. In this blog, we will look at some considerations of giving peanut butter to your Pugs, including allergies and toxic peanut butter ingredients. Let’s get started!

Is peanut butter safe for Pugs?

Peanut butter is safe for your pug to eat, but it should be given to them as a treat, and not become part of their daily diet. You also need to make sure your peanut butter doesn’t contain added ingredients like salt, Xylitol, or other additives as these can all be harmful to Pugs. 

can pugs eat peanut butter

If you feed your Pug peanut butter that contains Xylitol, make sure you take your dog to the vet immediately. Symptoms of Xylitol poisoning include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Bleeding
  • Hypoglycemia

Xylitol can seriously damage your Pug’s liver, and this may take a few days to become apparent – so always check with your vet if your Pug has eaten anything containing Xylitol.

While most Pugs can safely eat natural peanut butter without any problems, some dogs may be allergic to peanuts, and therefore peanut butter as well.

If you’re unsure about giving your Pug the peanut butter in your pantry, here are some tasty peanut butter treats made especially for your dog:

Is peanut butter good for Pugs?

Peanut butter provides various benefits for dogs. It’s an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, vitamins B and E, and niacin. It’s also a great source of folic acid for cell growth and magnesium to assist cells to metabolize B complex vitamins. The healthy fats can help give your Pug a shiny coat.

The safest option for pugs is unsalted, homemade, or canine-specific peanut butter. Too much sugar, salt, preservatives, and additives can be problematic for dogs. You can consult your vet for a better idea of ​​the amount of peanut butter that you add to your Pug’s diet.

How to safely give peanut butter to Pugs?

There are so many ways to safely give peanut butter to Pugs:

  • Peanut butter treats: Treats are the most mess-free options when giving peanut butter to Pugs. Feeding your Pug peanut butter as a treat now and then won’t be dangerous. You just need to ensure a complete and balanced diet for your little furry pal. 
  • Using peanut butter to give them medication: Your Pug won’t even realize there is medication hidden in their delicious peanut butter treat. They’ll happily eat it because of the great taste of peanut butter.
  • Using peanut butter for playtime: For your little furry companion, kong toy is a great choice to stuff with peanut butter. Your Pug will have fun and will be occupied for a while. It’s great for Pugs who suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Distracting your Pug: time to clip your pugs nails, or take them to the vet or groomer? Peanut butter treats can be a great way to take their mind off things.

Remember that too much peanut butter can cause an upset stomach, even in healthy Pugs. It is better to avoid feeding peanut butter to sick dogs as it might worsen the medical condition.

Precautions while giving peanut butter to your Pug

Pugs are dependent on their owners for everything, so it’s important that you pay attention to what you give your dog to eat to ensure the health and wellbeing of your Pug.

can pugs eat peanut butter

Here’s what you need to think about before feeding peanut butter to your Pug:

  • Make sure your Pug is not allergic to peanuts!
  • As mentioned above, check that your peanut butter doesn’t contain Xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener. This is toxic to all dogs and can cause severe health issues such as low blood sugar, and potential liver injury.
  • Some peanut butter contain added salt that maybe pleasant for humans due to their good taste. However, they can cause problems for Pugs. Excessive salt intake can be the cause stomach upsets and pancreatitis.

How much peanut butter can I give my Pug?

Just because your Pug can eat peanut butter doesn’t mean you can give them as much as they want. Peanut butter is energy-dense, high in fat and calories, and Pugs are a breed which is prone to gaining weight!

You should be aware of peanut butter calories and fat content and adjust the amount accordingly. As a starting point, it is reasonable to limit peanut butter offerings to half teaspoon daily for a Pug.

If you’re unsure how much peanut butter is suitable for their size and weight, check with you vet before including peanut butter in you Pug’s diet. Too much peanut butter can cause obesity, so save peanut butter for a special treat and not a regular snack.

Offer no more than 10 percent of its daily calories. Limiting peanut butter intake can help prevent digestive upset and weight gain.

What foods are toxic to Pugs?

Pugs are notorious for getting their noses into things they shouldn’t. Your Pug can easily snuffle or eat up anything they come across. Some common plants, household items, and human foods that are not safe for your Pugs include:

  • Xylitol
  • Avocados
  • Alcohol
  • Onion and garlic
  • Coffee and tea
  • Chocolate
  • Antidepressants and other over the counter medicines
  • Insecticides
  • Cannabis
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Sago palm
  • Tulip
  • Elephant’s Ear or Alocasia plant 
  • Oleander plant

Prevention is the best thing you can do to protect your little canine companion. 

Final thoughts – can Pugs eat peanut butter?

Pugs can safely eat peanut butter as long as it’s fed in moderation and doesn’t contain excess salt or xylitol.

Peanut butter is not a balanced source of nutrition for Pugs. It is mostly fat and doesn’t provide a complete source of nutrients. So, feeding an excessive amount of peanut butter can be dangerous for Pugs. It’s best to speak to your vet before giving peanut butter to your Pug.

As a pet parent, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your Pug. Every dog is individual, so be mindful of how peanut butter affects your Pug. If you have any questions about your Pug’s diet, contact your vet for guidance and recommendations. 

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