Can Pugs Be Left Alone During the Day?

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Pugs were explicitly bred for companion reasons, so they are incredibly affectionate, social, and loyal. 

But can pugs be left alone during the day? Because of pugs’ personalities, they are well suited for families and people who work from home or have opposite work shifts if living with a couple. 

While house-trained pugs may last as long as eight hours, pug puppies are different. 

In the circumstance that you must leave your pug alone for eight or more hours, there are actions you can take to ensure your pug stays healthy and happy.

Can Pugs Be Left Alone for 8 Hours?

According to PDSA, it’s best not to leave your dog (of any breed) alone for longer than four hours a day. However, this is not a reasonable time frame for most dog owners due to their work-life and daily lives. 

Without proper training and preparation, your pug may become bored, depressed, or destructive. 

The trick is to gradually introduce your pug to more extended periods of being left alone, starting at puppyhood. 

can pugs be left alone during the day

Although pug puppies should never be left alone for longer than four hours, there are things you can do to help your pug stay home alone:

  • Set up a baby gate, keeping your pug restricted access to the whole house
  • Alternatively, set up a room for your pug
  • Lay down puppy pads
  • Place favorite blankets, bedding, and toys in their area
  • Make sure they have enough water to last eight hours
  • Ensure you feed them before you leave
  • Give them lots of love and attention before and after you are home

It is okay to leave a house-trained adult pug (ten months old) alone for up to eight hours, depending on how you have raised your pug. Anything past eight hours, and you’ll need to look for dog care or sitter options. 

Why It Isn’t a Good Idea to Leave Pugs Alone for Long Periods

Due to the pug’s loving and compassionate nature, these friendly associates need attention more than other breeds. The good news is that since pugs have a companion-like temperament, they’ll warm up to strangers reasonably quickly. 

If you’re planning on getting a pug puppy, you’ll want to have someone you trust to access your home to provide your pug’s essential needs after four hours. Reasons to consider getting a pet-sitter during your long work hours are:

  • Pugs are prone to separation anxiety
  • Pugs get lonely, which causes stress
  • Pugs become depressed quickly
  • Boredom can increase destructive behaviors
  • They’ll find it difficult to bond with you

can pugs be left alone during the day

An excellent technique to prevent boredom and depression is to take your pug for a brisk walk before leaving. If you tire your pug out, they’ll come home and want to sleep, which can last up to 14 hours per day

Whether your pug sleeps for long stretches at a time or intermittently throughout the day, it helps if you tucker them out. 

How Long Can a Pug Puppy Be Left Alone For?

Pug puppies ‘ brains are very malleable up to seven months old, so it’s crucial to develop positive and healthy habits right in the beginning. Some things to consider before leaving your puppy alone at home are:

  • They can’t hold their bladders very long
  • Suffer from higher levels of anxiety 
  • Need behavior training
  • May develop anxious or avoidant behaviors

At eight to ten weeks old, your pug will be unable to hold its bladder for longer than an hour. They should use the potty every two hours at up to three months old. Finally, at four months old, your pug pup will learn how to hold it, but not for longer than four hours. 

At the beginning of pug puppyhood, you should consider asking a trusted friend to dog-sit until they reach one year or enroll them into a doggy-daycare. After 18 months of age, your pug should be able to hold its bladder for six to eight hours a day.

Throughout their puppy stage, increase the amount of time they are left alone so that they’ll become accustomed to your schedule during adult years.

Are Pugs Prone to Separation Anxiety?

can pugs be left alone during the day

Not all pugs will suffer from separation anxiety. Still, it’s a serious matter if your pug does, and you should not take it lightly. Some signs include:

  • Destructive behavior
  • Frequent elimination behaviors
  • Extreme vocalization
  • Lack of appetite
  • Excessive grooming
  • Pacing
  • Sudden anxiety upon you leaving

The best thing you can do for your pugs’ separation anxiety is to prevent it from happening. It includes walking before leaving, providing their favorite toys, and having someone come by periodically throughout the day. 

Suppose you don’t have your pugs’ anxiety assessed and treated. In that case, they will start to associate you with the problem, which defers the bonding experience. 

How Can I Ease My Pug’s Separation Anxiety?

Luckily, there are things you can do to help your pug stay happy and healthy while alone. If preventative measures and doggy-daycare isn’t an option, here are things you can do to ease anxiety: 

  • Provide your pug with interactive toys such as a ‘busy-box’ toy and kongs
  • Invest in home security so you can check in on your pup
  • Consider using a diffuser like the Adaptil calming diffuser
  • Wrap your pugs’ bedding with a piece of your clothing
  • Play background noise such as music designed for dogs
  • Use white noise or heartbeat machines
  • Provide plenty of one-on-one quality time with your pug during the hours you are home.

Pugs are independent to a degree, so ensuring they have plenty of distractions will allow them to tire themselves out enough to sleep or rest until you’re home. 

However, If you notice separation anxiety symptoms with the methods mentioned above, determine whether you should purchase another pug as a social friend. 

Verdict: Can Pugs Be Left Alone During the Day?

So, can pugs be left alone at home? Yes, but you’ll have to adapt to how long they can be alone, depending on their age. A pug puppy should not be alone for longer than one to four hours at a time. 

You can leave your adult pug home alone for up to eight hours. However, much training and preparation are needed before they are ready.

On the other hand, are pugs prone to separation anxiety? Yes, because of their companionship and loyal attitude, pugs rely on their humans to care and provide for their every need. When left alone for too long, problems such as depression and aggression will develop. 

It’s up to you to take the time to express your love and concern for your pug and ensure they live happy and healthy lives. 

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