The Boxer Pug Mix Dog – Facts About The Box-A-Pug

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Little pugs are adorable, and boxers are a handsome, intelligent breed, so what would a mix of these two dogs be like? Check out this breakdown of the temperament and appearance of the boxer pug mix, and maybe you’ll realize they’re the perfect puppy for you!


Pugs are a sweet and loving breed that loves to play and get into mischief. To better understand the temperament of a boxer pug mix puppy, you should first understand the temperament of the pug parent breed. 

boxer pug mix

Affection Level

Pugs are very affectionate with their owners and strangers and want to be friends with everybody. This makes them great dogs for families with small children or people that live in apartment buildings.

Pugs love some good scratches and belly rubs and will cuddle up in bed with you. They also love other canines, so be prepared to say hello to every dog you pass on a walk. 

Energy Level

Pugs have lots of energy but are no strangers to the afternoon nap. They love to run around and sniff and play, but they are so small their muscles only have so much energy. 

Because of their tiny legs and bodies, they don’t need to be walked for long, which is great for owners with limited free time.

boxer pug mix


Pugs have a short, smooth fur coat that comes in many colors from fawn to black and can have brindle markings or patches. They usually weigh under 20 pounds and are easy to scoop up if you need to.

Pugs have big, beautiful eyes that make you want to give them all the treats in the world, and they can charm the pants off anyone. And fortunately for owners, they don’t drool very much. But they do shed a lot!


Boxers are a smart and confident breed that will be fiercely loyal but still fun and light-hearted. Boxers are the other half of the boxer pug mix, so their appearance and temperament will factor in the hybrid breed. 

boxer pug mix

Affection Level

Boxers are loving and gentle, especially around children. They love to snuggle and get pets and are one of the best breeds for families with young children. Despite their size and strength, they know how to play delicately with the children and are easily trained to be extra gentle.

They are mildly protective but rarely become aggressive. Boxers love strange people and strange dogs, so you can enjoy dog parks and friendly greetings on walks. Having friends and family over should never be a problem with a boxer. 

Energy Level

Boxers have a ton of energy they need to get out. They aren’t the ideal breed for an owner with a lack of time because they need long, daily walks to be content. They love toys and especially love playing with their humans, so make sure they get attention around the house and not just on walks.

Boxers love to play, but they also love to be trained. Boxers are a working breed, so they benefit from instruction and reward. Don’t neglect your boxer’s training if you want a happy, well-behaved dog. 

boxer pug mix


Boxers also have a smooth, short coat that doesn’t shed much. They are usually a chestnut or fawn color but can also be white or a variety of brindles. They frequently have a black mask that pugs can also have and patches mostly on their belly.

They can weigh anywhere between 55 and 80 pounds depending on their gender and are a tall, moderately muscular breed. Unlike pugs, boxers can drool quite a bit, so you may get slobbered one every once in a while. 

Pug Boxer Mix

If you’re considering bringing a pug and boxer mix puppy into your family, it’s best to understand the hybrid breed’s temperament and behavior so that you know what you’re in for. Getting a dog without understanding its behavior can result in a bad pairing of owner and dog. 

Affection Level

A boxer pug mix will be super cuddly and loving towards its family and a diligent watchdog. This breed is also excellent with children since both parent breeds are generally gentle and patient with kids. 

The boxer in the mix will likely cancel out the snoozy nature of the pug, so there will be less afternoon sleeping, but the breed will enjoy downtime to an extent.

Energy Level

A pug boxer mix combines a boxer’s intelligence with a pug’s rambunctious nature. So be ready to play a lot with this hybrid breed and keep them mentally stimulated. 

What Would a Boxer Pug Mix Look Like?

Like both of its parent breeds, a pug and boxer mix has a short, smooth fur coat that moderately sheds. A pug and boxer mix can come in many colors, including white, fawn, chestnut, brindle, and rarely chocolate. 

So, how big do boxer pug mixes get? A boxer pug mix could weigh anywhere between 20 and 45 pounds. Their weight depends on which breed’s genes were dominant. 

They are a bit bigger than pugs but a bit smaller than boxers, resulting in a medium-sized dog. They often take on the face of a boxer and the body shape of a pug. 

boxer pug mix

What Is a Pug Boxer Mix Called

  • Box-a-Pug
  • Poxer
  • BoxPug

How Much Is a Pug Boxer Mix Puppy?

Pug boxer mix puppies can cost anywhere between $400 and $2,000, depending on the location and the breeder. There is a low chance you will be able to find a pug boxer mix puppy in a shelter as they are a relatively new hybrid, originating in 2000, and are likely only available through breeders. 

Conclusion – Pug Boxer Mix

If you’re looking for a friendly, lively dog that will play tug for hours and then snuggle on the couch with the whole family, a pug boxer mix is a great breed for you. Many people get pug boxer mixes because they want a pug-sized dog with a boxer’s face, which is often what the hybrid looks like. 

As long as you are willing to play with your new furry buddy and give them lots of love, a pug boxer mix puppy can be your new best friend.

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