Best Treats for Pug Puppies

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Finally, you’ve got your cute little pug puppy. Or maybe you’re in the process of getting one, and you want to get all the best treats ready for your new pet to enjoy. And everyone knows how useful treats are for positive reinforcement when you’re training a puppy. 

But what are the best treats for pug puppies? 

Let’s take a look at our selection of the best treats for pug puppies. We’ll also learn about your pug’s nutritional needs and how to choose healthy snacks for your pet. 

Here’s a list of the treats that we’ll cover below: 

Best Treats for Your Pug Puppy

Let’s take a look at the best treats for pug puppies. Whichever treat you choose, read the portion guidance that comes on the package. 

Best Chewy Treat: Wellness Grain-Free Lamb & Salmon Soft Puppy Bites

These treats are grain-free and a super-tempting treat for any pug puppy. Dogs famously love the taste of lamb, and salmon is the perfect flavor addition. Every puppy enjoys a chewy treat, and this is a great one for pug puppies. 

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites contain all-natural ingredients. They feature pure lamb and salmon, as well as other nutritious ingredients such as sweet potatoes and blueberries. These puppy treats are enriched with antioxidants. 

There are no meat by-products in these Wellness treats. This product is also free of all artificial flavors and colors, as well as by-products. This product was formulated by nutritionists and veterinarians. Go ahead and try this product if your pug puppy has a sensitive tummy. 

Best Dry Treat: Old Mother Hubbard Classic Puppy Biscuits

A benefit of dry treats is how they help clean your puppy’s teeth. With excellent chicken protein, Old Mother Hubbard treats are tiny yet enormously crunchy puppy biscuit treats. 

As well as chicken, the recipe includes carrots, apples, oatmeal, and a plethora of added minerals and vitamins that will help your puppy achieve optimal growth. No need to worry about meat by-products or artificial preservatives in this top-notch product. 

Keep a bunch of these treats on-hand when you’re interacting and playing with your puppy. After all, you want to use positive reinforcement when your pet behaves well. Old Mother Hubbard uses a time-tested recipe that you can depend on (and your puppy will love). 

Best Affordable Treats: Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

These treats are tempting enough to make the most unruly pup want to behave. Blue Buffalo Blue Bits are semi-moist treats that have real beef as the first ingredient and offer your puppy some real nutrition. Blue Buffalo Blue Bits even include DHA which will assist in your dog’s brain development. 

This snack food for dogs does contain some cane sugar, so limit how much you give your puppy. But as this is a special treat, that is a given. You don’t have to worry about any soy, wheat, or corn in this product. There are no poultry by-product meals, either. Blue Buffalo treats are enriched with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. 

Best Low-Calorie Treats: Pupford Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Training Treats

Dogs adore the taste of liver and your puppy will salivate over these freeze-dried beef liver treats. One of the most appealing features of these treats is how healthy they are. They consist of simple freeze-dried beef liver, and they are a great protein source for canines. 

Pupford freeze-dried treats are free of sugar and fillers. You don’t have to refrigerate these treats, so they are easy to store and keep fresh. These puppy snacks are low calorie. In fact, they have only one calorie per treat. Low-calorie yet tasty and nutrient-rich treats like these are perfect for training, especially for dogs like pugs that are prone to weight problems.


Buyer’s Guide

As a new pug owner, you should understand your pet’s nutritional needs. Bring your pooch to the veterinarian right away to get advice. You should also bring them in on a regular basis for check-ups. It’s important that your pug’s growth and weight are measured and monitored regularly. 

Look for Pure Ingredients

Stay away from treats that contain chemical ingredients (such as artificial flavoring and preservatives) and fillers. If there are any grains, try to find ones that are gluten-free to avoid any chance of digestive problems. 

You want the treat to have high levels of protein from top-quality animal sources. Make sure there are no by-products in the ingredients.

Watch the Calories

Your pug puppy is still growing, and it needs the nutrients and calories to reach its full size. But you shouldn’t give it too much food, or your pet may end up obese. 

Pugs are one of the breeds most prone to obesity. It’s especially important to make sure your pug isn’t getting an excessive number of calories each day. Given pugs often have breathing problems, it’s crucial to keep them fit and healthy. 

Pugs tend to be greedy when it comes to food. Get ready to distract your pug with play if they’re constantly asking for treats. Read the portion guidance that comes on the treat package. 

Weigh your pug frequently, making sure it is the appropriate weight for its age and is growing as it should. Talk to your veterinarian and ask for advice on what your pug puppy should weigh and how much weight it should gain by the week or month. 

Avoid Human Foods for Puppies

Be careful about giving even small amounts of human food to your pugs. There are numerous kinds of human food that can be harmful and even potentially deadly for dogs, so it is better to simply avoid offering them our food at all, even as treats. 

Final Thoughts: Best Treats for Pug Puppies

As we’ve seen here, there are plenty of delicious treats that you can buy for your pug puppy. Stick with high-quality treats designed for puppies and dogs. You should avoid giving human food to your pug. 

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