12 Best Pug Sweaters For Winter Warmth

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When the winter weather approaches, pug owners may ask themselves if their furry friends get chilly as we do. Well, the answer is a resounding yes, pugs get cold when temperatures drop low despite their dense fur coat. 

Even when the temperature is twenty below, dogs still need to do their business and get their exercise. But how can you be sure your pug is warm on your walks? Some stubborn pugs might even drag their heels when you try to take them out in the snow. 

best pug sweaters

So how do you keep your four-legged friend comfortable even in the winter? Well, welcome to the adorable world of pug sweaters! Pug sweaters help keep your little friend warm even as the snow falls. 

Dog sweaters for pugs are cute, colorful, and there are loads of options out there to suit your style and your pug’s! Check out this list of the best pug sweaters so you can warm up your furry friend while making them look fashionable and precious. 

Note: These sweaters have all been selected due to their shape and stretch, and their ability to fit the unique pug size and shape. As always, make sure you measure your pug’s height, length, neck girth, and around their chest and belly to ensure you buy the size of dog sweater that’s right for your pug.

12 Best Sweaters For Pugs

1. Funky Tie Dye Sweater

If you have a spunky little pug with a lot of fun attitude, this tie-dye hoodie is the perfect winter sweater for your dog. All pugs have personality, so a cute winter sweater can showcase its fun-loving ways to people you pass on the street. 

The tie-dye hoodie is complete with a pocket and drawstrings around the hood. It’s stretchy and comfortable, and designed to fit your pug’s shape. You can even order a human hoodie to match your pug’s sweater!

Winter pug sweaters don’t get more modern and stylish than this. No matter what age your little dog is, this hoodie is sure to turn them into a hip youngster. 

2. Funky Turtleneck Prep Sweater

When the cold weather comes, so do the holidays. You may want a sweater that is fancy enough for a holiday party or just something extra nice for the holiday season. This cream-colored cable knit sweater is an endearing outfit for your favorite furry guy or gal. 

The sweater is made from wool acrylic, so it’s soft, warm, and durable in case your pug likes to roll around outside or play rough. This sweater is perfect for an elegant, classy pug that always wants to look its best. 

3. Rainbow Knit Sweater

For a pug with a little more color in its personality, this rainbow sweater is a show-stopper. It is a soft knit sweater with a rainbow pattern knitted into it that is both festive and warm. The sweaters are unique and eye-catching. They’ll make your pug feel fashion-forward and snug. 

The sweater has a turtleneck to keep your dog’s neck nice and cozy when you’re outside. The turtleneck has a slit in it for the leash to clip to the dog collar, so you do not need to worry about stretching or tearing the sweater on a chilly outing. 

The attention to detail in this sweater is obvious, and you and your pug will love how soft and thick it is. The bright colors will also help you keep an eye on the little guy if they get off leash. 

4. Color Block Hoodie

Color block is a hot style right now, so if you want your pug wearing the coolest threads this season, get them this adorable hoodie. Winter pug sweaters come in many different styles, but hoodies are by far the most on-trend. 

Everyone loves a comfortable hoodie, and your pug will too! Keeping your cute pug warm is so important, but, of course, you want them to look their best too. Heads will turn when you take your dog on walks wearing this colorful, fashion-forward hoodie. 

5. Christmas Sweater

If you want to put your dog in the holiday spirit, get them this endearing sweater for pugs so they can put everyone in a jolly mood. To make it even cuter, this Christmas sweater has images of snowflakes and reindeers. 

Whether your little dog gets cold on winter walks or likes to be extra cozy around the house, this is the perfect sweater for the holiday season. 

6. Donut Hoodie

For the pugs with a whole lot of attitude and a big appetite, this donut print hoodie is perfect. Some dogs have an aura of dignity, while others just want food! So adorn your pup with this yummy hoodie to keep them warm. 

When people see your pug in this, they’ll think they are one fashionable furball. The interior is made of soft fleece to comfort and soothe your pup. This is extra helpful if you have an anxious dog; the four-way stretch design squeezes just enough to make them feel safe. 

The hoodie’s design includes a hole for the leash to clip onto the collar as well as a deep v-cut style to make it easy for them to go potty. The hoodie is designed with your dog’s comfort and happiness in mind!

7. Purple Jumper

A colorful jumper like this purple sweater is perfect for keeping a dog warm in the cold weather. Dog sweaters for pugs can sometimes fit awkwardly, but this handmade jumper is designed specifically for small dogs. You can feel good knowing the material and design are ideal for a pug’s build. 

The jumper is designed to adapt to your pug’s body, so it doesn’t fit too tight or loose. It has a sturdy cotton material that protects your dog from the cold plus wind and dirt that may be bothersome to them. 

8. Pineapple Pattern Sweater

This pineapple patterned sweater is stylish and charming. For your special little friend that exudes positive energy and love, this is the perfect winter gift for them. The pineapple sweater is a happy green that sparks joy the moment you put it on your pet.

Neighbors and friends will swoon over how cute your pug looks in this fruit-themed sweater. Pineapples may remind you of summer, so this sweater can be the perfect reminder of the warm days soon to come. It offers the vibrance of warmer weather while protecting your dog from the cold weather. 

9. Fluffy Princess

If your pug acts like a little princess, this is definitely the sweater for you. The sweater is fluffy and hot pink, which is sure to have your pug looking like a royal dog while keeping them warm and toasty in the cold. 

The sweater is stylish and eye-catching, which helps you keep an eye on your dog if you let them off-leash. The sweater, designed by Christian Cowan, is a fashionable and funky option to dress up your pug in a winter sweater. 

Dogs deserve to have style, too, so get this fluffy sweater so your pug can strut their stuff down the sidewalk with confidence. 

10. Shark Hoodie

Do you have a ferocious little pug? Does your dog have the heart of a lion? Or maybe a shark? Get them this monster shark hoodie that will bring out the beast within your tiny dog! 

The mean mug on the shark’s face is hilariously contrasted by your sweet dog’s face underneath. And it doubles as a Halloween costume when October rolls around!

The buttery soft material is flexible, so it will stretch with your dog’s body. It will keep your pug warm from the elements but is still breathable, so they don’t overheat or feel suffocated.

11. Dashing Argyle Sweater

The argyle pattern is a classic sweater style that has been popular among humans forever, but now it’s time for the pugs to strut their stuff in this charming pattern. There are lots of argyle pug sweaters available, but this red, black, and white one is the epitome of quality and fashion.

The sweater is sure to keep your little guy or gal warm while giving them a dashing appearance. It will have your friends and neighbors tipping their caps to your fancy puppy. 

The bold argyle pattern is paired with a soft, stretchy material that is easy to put on your dog, so they’ll love wearing it!

12. Designer Hoodie

If you love designer clothes, your pug can match your style with this chic Burberry knit sweater. The sweater is made from high-quality wool, so your puppy will be comfy and snug even on the coldest days of the year. 

The sweater has the classic Burberry plaid print with colors of beige, red, and brown so no one will accuse your dog of buying knock-offs! 

Designed with small dogs in mind, this sweater is sure to fit your pug perfectly and keep its little body warm. 

Final Thoughts – Best Pug Sweaters

So if you’re still wondering: do pugs need sweaters in the winter? This piece should clue you in to the fact that winter pug sweaters are necessary for keeping your dog warm but are also super fun and fashionable. 

Keep your dog warm in a pug sweater while making them look trendy and even more adorable than before, which you probably didn’t think was possible. 

Sweaters for pugs are snug for dogs and fun for owners! So don’t wait while your tiny pug shivers in the cold get them a cozy sweater for the winter months. And if you need something extra cozy for your pug – check out these super warm dog coats for pugs.

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