6 Best Pug Breeders In New Jersey

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So, you want to get a pug for your next pet? This is great; pugs have become one of the most popular breeds in America. Do you want to know where you can find the best pug breeders in New Jersey? Pugs are not a simple purchase, that’s for sure. But, the good news is we will give you some essential details and tips on how to find pug puppies for sale in NJ, so keep reading.

Pugs are the 28th most popular dog breed in the US. Pug puppies are also known as “Foo dogs.” Experts agree that this breed of dogs originated from China.

Pugs are the perfect mix of cuteness, adorable little faces, and smooth coats. Pugs’ wrinkly little bodies make them some of the cuddliest breeds out there.

pug breeders in new jersey

There are so many Pugs for sale in the state because of the different kinds of AKC pug breeders in NJ.

If you’re searching for the best pugs for sale in New Jersey, look no further than our top selected breeders.

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Best Pug Breeders in New Jersey

This section profiles six of the best Pug breeders NJ that you should consider when looking to add a Pug to your family.

 Roo Roo’s Pugs

best pug breeders in new jersey

Contact details: RooRoosPugs

Roo Roo’s puppies are a pure breed. This breeder has their puppies registered with the American Kennel Club.

The pups’ healthy parents live on-site. The breeder has employees to keep a close eye on the pets and ensure they get up-to-date vaccinations.

Tracy is the owner of Roo Roo’s Pugs, and she is a member of the AKC. With over nineteen in the breeding business, she guarantees healthy, loving, well-socialized, and healthy pets to all buyers.


Website: MeshugaDogs

Meshuga breed their own pugs, with a list of their studs on their website. Each pug has its genetic code and color carriers listed, so if you buy a breeding stud, you will know what the potential offspring may look like.

They also have AKC and KC registered pups, and you can be sure that the health line of each dog is top notch.

If you want to adopt a pug puppy, you need to reach out to reserve them. 

Meshuga have been breeding pugs for over forty years, so you can count on them to have excellent experience and knowledge of the breed.

Happy Pugs

Contact details: Happy Pugs

Happy Pugs are one of the many AKC Pug breeders in NJ.

Happy Pugs takes great pride in raising all of their pugs from a young age so that they’re well accustomed to everything from dogs and children to even cars.

They know that owning a dog isn’t just about giving them the best home but also ensuring your pet is well-trained on how to adjust to anyone they meet.

You’ll never have to worry about these pugs harming or bothering someone because they have been brought up well.

It is important to note that they don’t have puppies all the time- so check back with their site regularly. Also, they don’t ship their Pugs because of the associated risks.

 Christina’s Angels Panini Pugs

Contact details: Panini Pugs

Christina’s Angels Panini Pugs are breeders in Northern NJ specializing in producing rare color and standard pugs. Their pups include apricot, brindle, black, fawn, silver brindle, silver, white, and platinum white Pugs.

Puppies from Christina’s Angels & Panini Pugs are healthy and come with a guarantee. They register them with AKC.

Their dogs can live with cats, young children, and even other dogs from a tender age. This allows them to grow up more socially with their owners.

Agincourt Kennel

Website: AgincourtKennel

Jenefier Modica is the owner of Agincourt Kennel, which is home to top-ranking BISS Pugs, English Mastiffs, and Black Russian Terriers. She started breeding Pugs in 1989 and is still in the business.

Agincourt breeds their dogs selectively. The breeder does this to ensure they get the most out of their pups and their breeding program. The breeder ensures that their dog’s hardiness, obedience, and intelligence get passed on to their pups.

Jenefier has numerous affiliations, including membership with the AKC and the Pug Dog Club America (PDCA). Check out her website to get the best pugs for sale in New Jersey.

Pug Envy

Website: PugEnvy

Pug Envy is one of the specialized AKC pug breeders in NJ, offering the finest Pug puppies for sale, plus a range of specific products globally.

The breeder has over seven years breeding happy litters. They have a clean and spacious facility, and the dogs are well taken care of.

Choosing the Best AKC Pug Breeders in NJ

It’s important to ensure that the facility you purchase Pugs from is one of the best in the business and only houses healthy, happy dogs of the highest quality. Consider the below factors.

Health testing

The best breeders carry out regular health testing and relevant health clearances on their Pugs. Testing ensures that buyers get the healthiest Pugs for sale in New Jersey.

Event Participation

Some good breeders compete in doggie events showcasing their animal’s skills and talents to the public. Excellent breeders live and breathe for their Pugs, and they have a high level of breeding knowledge.

Contact Information

Reputable breeders provide their contact information, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and established websites allowing you to contact them.

AKC Listing

The American Kennel Club is responsible for registering breeders. AKC membership ensures that breeders comply with breeding best practices. On the other hand, AKC registration does not guarantee the quality of a breeding program.


When a breeder wins accolades for Pugs, it’s great. AKC awards the efforts and achievements of top breeders. The AKC recognition of merit award often goes to the best breeder.

Breed Club Membership

There are numerous breed clubs that breeders can register with. They have regulations, rules, and membership fees. The Pug Dog Club of America is the best breed club. Ensure your breeder has a breed club membership from the Pug Dog Club of America or any other reputable breed club membership.

Conclusion – Best Pug Breeders in New Jersey

Buying a pug is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make as a person who enjoys dogs. Find the best AKC New Jersey Pug breeders to get a healthy puppy.

Before buying, you should consider visiting where the Pug breeding is done.

You should examine the conditions there carefully and ensure that it is appropriate for breeding purposes.

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