Best Pug Breeders in Maine (ME)

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Pugs are an adorable dog breed, small, snuggly with wrinkled skin and squished-in face. These dogs are a hit lately as they adequately fit in with busy, urban lifestyles. While breeding pugs is prevalent in many places, there are several highly distinguished pug breeders in Maine (ME).

A pug is friendly, eager to please, and loyal, a favorite companion and sociable dog for city dwellers. But who are the best pug breeders in Maine?

What to Look for in a Pug Breeder

How do you know which of the myriad advertised pug breeders are genuine and safe to acquire a puppy from? Agreeably, with the upsurge fame of pugs, it has attracted hundreds of puppy mills, brokers, backyard breeders, and pet stores.

Some sites purport to be sources of quality pugs. However, if you are careful, sketchy payment methods, dog pictures, and content copy-pasted from other sites are worth noting. If you choose to go online, watch out for these sites keenly and discern probable red flags of being unscrupulous.

best pug breeders in Maine ME

The most critical fundamental test is to see if they maintain the animal’s welfare and health above profits, and are equally as keen on vetting the buyers of their puppies as you are in vetting them as a breeder.

If you land in one of the questionable breeding kennels, you’ll see they don’t take adequate care of the dogs. They keep them huddled in cramped, filthy, overcrowded conditions, feeding them substandard dog food. 

Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work and picked the best breeders in Maine that are worth your trust and always treat dogs right.

Who Are the Best Pug Breeders in Maine?

Pugs are great pets that can live between 12 and 15 years with proper nutrition and care. Their standard coat colors are fawn, silver, black, or apricot, and they’re known to be intelligent, although referred to sometimes as “silly dogs.”

If you’re looking for a pug for sale in Maine, here are some great starting points for your dog ownership journey.

Pugs on the Hillside

best pug breeders in maine me


Pugs on the Hillside is a breeder located in Freedom, Waldo County, near the border with New Hampshire. In 2012, this breeder, a family operation, moved from Cape Cod, MA, to raise these precious pups. They’ve focused their attention on raising healthy dogs in a clean, loving, and safe environment.

Pug pups have access to the outdoors for regular exercise. These dogs feed on the best quality organic foods and have regular vet check-ups plus individual pampering. The breeder doesn’t ship the puppies, so you’ll have to collect your dog at Pugs on the Hillside’s kennels. They have a popular and responsive Facebook page where you’ll find out more about the process of acquiring a pug.

Kayjo Pugs

pug breeders in maine


On a site covering more than two acres in Buckfield, Oxford County, Kayjo Pugs’ Kellie Jordan keeps seven pugs. These dogs have their exclusive area that includes rooms or pens, are crate trained but will spend most of their day in her expansive kitchen.

As a pug lover, and besides being a reputable breeder, Kellie is anxious that her pups find loving homes. She recently updated her sales contract to include clauses to that effect. That’s after a one-time charge was relinquished to an animal shelter by a client, having changed their mind.

Unless you plan to breed your pug, Kayjo Pugs pups come with a compulsory neuter/spay agreement. Kellie only sells to breeders whom she’s sure about their reputation for breeding purposes. She insists on keeping in touch after you’ve bought one of her pups, seeking progress and development reports.

That’s not borne out of mistrust but genuine concern regarding how her dogs are faring, information she uses to improve her breeding program. Kellie is an ethical pug puppy Maine breeder in line with state law and won’t release the pups until they’re eight weeks old.

Pinnacle Pugs

pug breeders in maine


Pinnacle Pugs have kennels located in Raymond, Cumberland County, ME. The owner, Brittney Coleman, caught the pug bug back in the 90s and has maintained her passion for these dogs since then. According to her mission statement, she aims to meet the ideal standard, pushing further to produce healthy pups.

At Pinnacle Pugs, there’s a belief that this dog’s many health issues can be reduced, well managed, and overcome. Brittney has faith in making the health of pug puppies in Maine a top priority when choosing the breeding stock. It’s not all about looks, as parents get chosen that have a sound respiratory tract, eye, and general body health.

Find pugs for sale in Maine at Pinnacle Pugs, where pups undergo learning experiences until the age of 12 weeks. The kennel produces highly trainable, happy, and well-adjusted dogs with target breeding.

Felzar Pugs

pug breeders in maine


In Weare Point, Maine, on the state’s southwest corner is Felzar Pugs, located on the boundary with New Hampshire. It’s a breeder specializing in pugs and French bulldogs and owned by Kathie Rizzo. She is an AKC Breeder of Merit award winner and part of the club’s bred with HEART program.

HEART is an acronym for health, education, accountability, responsibility, and tradition for pug breeders in Maine. That encourages breeders to follow ethical codes in all their dealings. Kathie practices puppy culture, which involves early neurological stimulation that exposes pups to experiences enhancing and strengthening their minds and bodies.

Felzar Pugs go beyond the basics of this program, pouring her heart and soul into these pups. These leave when they’re between 11 and 12 weeks old, armed with a leashed collar or harness. They go with their blankets, limited AKC registration, microchip, a sample of their food, and chew toys.

Conclusion – Best Pug Breeders in Maine (ME)

It’s critical to find the best pugs in Maine for sale from reputable breeders, well raised and health tested. Ensure these pug breeding enterprises are members of the American Kennel Club or AKC. Avoid using breeders that aren’t within driving distance, as these dogs don’t respond well to flying. 

Even if you have to be on a waiting list, so be it. It’s better to wait for the right pup than rush into doggy mayhem. 

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