5 Best Pug Breeders in Georgia (GA)

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If you’re looking to add a pug to your family and don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Pugs are a great addition to any family since they are small and well-mannered dogs. They have just the right amount of energy and are equally calm when needed. Pugs are perfect lap dogs and generally are among the best four-legged companions! This is our list of best pug breeders in Georgia so you can find the perfect pug puppy near you.

When it comes to finding a pet, you need to know where to go. However, there are several factors you also need to look out for, including puppy mills and scams. Trusted company breeders with outstanding reputations are vital in your pet search. 

Let’s look at their history and where you can go to find pug puppies for sale from responsible pug breeders in Georgia.  

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About the Pug Breed 

Pugs are very easy-going and full of personality. They’re tiny in stature and have short legs. Them being small coupled with their calmness makes them easy to handle. They are considered quirky and, enjoy playing around & are all for having a fun time. This alone makes them especially great if you have children within the home.

Pugs are a toy breed, and they don’t mind playing around with anyone of any size so long as they can make you smile. 

It’s important to understand that pugs are not a severe breed. Therefore, they are lighthearted and playful and should not be guard dogs. Pugs don’t like to fight and are not natural hunters. They are very calm in temperament and are also considered lap dogs.  

best pug breeders in georgia

For the most part, pugs are very low maintenance. They sleep up to 14 hours each day, making them ideal for older adults. While they can have lots of energy, they are as, if not more, settled than anything. An added benefit to pugs is they get along with other animals too. 

If you own other dogs, cats, or animals, you can be sure pugs won’t cause them any problems. While pugs are great pets, it’s imperative to keep in mind they naturally have issues with breathing. The breathing problems are due to their short noses. Because of this, they tend to snore when sleeping. Despite this, they are perfect for any household as they are the ultimate pooch companions!

Best Pug Breeders In Georgia 

Georgia Puppies Online

best pug breeders in georgia

Website: GApuppiesonline

Georgia Puppies Online has been breeding dogs since 2004. They are very open with communication and allow potential owners the chance to bond with the puppies before adopting them. They’re also very passionate about their pups and the customers. As a result, they don’t pressure any decisions as the average pet store does. 

Georgia Puppies ensure to take great care of their pups by grooming them every day in the house. As a result, the puppies get to play and socialization time each day as well. Also, they make sure each puppy is healthy and thoroughly checked before heading to its new home. 

Heavenly Pugs of GA

best pug breeders in georgia

Website: Heavenlypugsofga

The owners of Heavenly Pugs have been caring for pugs since 1967!

They are dedicated to making sure their pug puppues are placed with loving, responsible families. All puppies come with AKC/CKC registration, a one year health guarantee, first puppy shots – and are also dewormed before they join your family.

Pug Barn

best pug breeders in georgia

Website: Pugbarn

Located in Adel, Georgia, Pugbarn has been breeding healthy, happy Pugs for many years. They are AKC and Georgia State certified pug breeders, which means they have met all the necessary requirements for responsible, ethical pug breeding.

Pugbarn ensures that all their puppies are of the highest quality possible. All pugs have worming treatments and puppy shots before they are released to their new families, and the puppies will be 6-8 weeks of age before they are available for sale.

Indigo Pugs

best pug breeders in georgia

Website: Indigo-pugs.com

Indigo Pugs have been in the pug breeding business for over 25 years. All puppies are AKC and/or CKC registerable, and have their necessary shots and worming treatments before they are made available to their new owners.

Most pug puppies are from champion purebred bloodlines, but occasionally there are puppies available with no papers, so if you’re looking for healthy pug puppies at a cheaper price, this may be a good breeder for you to contact.

Rowell Pugs

best pug breeders in georgia

Website: Rowellpugs.com

As members of numerous kennel clubs in the GA area, Rowell Pugs are deeply committed to their pug puppies. They’ve been around since 1972, so they know a thing or two about breeding pugs!

Their bloodlines have included many state champions and best in show winners, including winning the #1 pug in show four times.

Other Places To Find Pug Puppies For Sale in GA


best pug breeders in georgia

Website: Pawrade.com

Pawrade stands firm on its belief that puppies should be placed in attentive, loving homes. They do everything they can to match families with breeders who have pups they are looking for. Each puppy is given a clean bill of health before going with its new family. This means they are looked at and well taken care of before being placed. 

Pawrade is passionate about its stance against puppy mills and unethical breeding. They have a zero-tolerance policy and a breeder code of ethics they live by. Pawrade ensures protection and excellent customer service for all parties involved. They work to maintain the well-being of pups while placing their ethics as a priority.  

Adopt a Pet

best pug breeders in georgia

Website: Adoptapet.com

Adopt a Pet provides a search tool to bring results of puppies available for sale in Georgia. The organization helps to place homeless pets in forever homes. They are currently partnered with 21,000 pet adoption agencies, humane societies, SPCAs, and rescue groups. They place their available pets on their site to find them new loving families. 

Adopt a Pet is very involved and is sincere about the long-term well-being of the family and the pets in their new homes. They provide lots of information to new families on how to keep pets in pristine health and how to create a healthy, long-term bond with their new dog. 

They are huge on reducing pets and have volunteered to save pets during Hurricane Katrina, Irma, and Harvey. 

Petland Columbus  

best pug breeders in georgia

Website: Petlandcolumbus

Petland Columbus has been in business since 2005 and takes great pride in its industry. They value their pets and the experiences they have daily. Petland ensures a safe and clean environment their pets can thrive. Petland is also very big on making sure pets receive lots of love and care. 

They are a vast selection of purebred puppies and exceptional products and top-quality food. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer any questions and help you find the puppy you’ve been looking for. 

Final Thoughts – Best Pug Breeders In Georgia, GA

Before you go pug shopping, make sure you research all the pug breeders in your area so you can make an informed decision. Call or visit your closest pug breeders and see what they offer in terms of health and DNA checks, wait lists, and any requirements they need from prospective pug purchasers.

This will ensure you take home a healthy, happy pug that gives you years of enjoyment and love.

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