5 Best Muzzles for Pugs And Small Dogs With Short Snouts [2022]

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The pug is a breed of dog well-known for its unique physical characteristics, including a brachycephalic face, a flat snout with wrinkles, and a curled tail. 

Due to their body structure, they need special care when muzzling. One of the most important things to keep in mind with a pug is respiratory problems

So, are there muzzles for pugs? Can you muzzle a brachycephalic dog? The answer is yes. We have made a list of muzzles designed for pugs that won’t cause a barrier to a pug’s breathing, so read on if you’re looking for a flat-faced dog muzzle. 

Best Muzzles For Pugs

JYHY Short Adjustable Nasal Muzzle 

The first muzzle for pugs on our list is the JYHY adjustable muzzle, which can keep your dog from biting or eating things he shouldn’t without interfering with his breathing. 

The design is a basket made of mesh fabric. It gives the dog more freedom to breathe while still being fully covered to prevent biting.  

Basket muzzles for pugs are excellent for non-anxious dogs who just need a temporary muzzle for walks or trips to the vet. 


  • The snout is a breathable mesh, and its durable construction makes the dog’s nose comfortable. 
  • It’s suitable for hard-to-fit dogs with short snouts.
  • You can adjust the muzzle to the right size for your dog.
  • A hole over the nose area allows for the pug to breathe better. 


  • If you buy the wrong size, the muzzle can impair breathing. Ensure you always pick the correct size.  
  • If you don’t adjust it correctly, your dog can wiggle out of the harness. Follow the owner’s manual to adjust the straps. 

LUCKYPAW Short Breathable Mesh Muzzle

This muzzle by LUCKYPAW is designed for pugs in mind, with soft cushioning, preventing the screen from rubbing on the dog’s eyes and allowing the dog to see through its two eye holes. Your dog will be protected from unwanted scraps on the street by the mesh mouthpiece. It is available in many colors, including: 

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Red

Depending on your pug’s size, you can also get it in small to large sizes. A small one should fit a 17-22lb dog. 


  • This design has two large eye-openings that make it more comfortable for your pug to see. 
  • You can easily attach and detach the muzzle with the velcro seal in the back. 
  • The velcro and nylon used are of high quality.


  • If you have an extremely anxious dog, they can pull the muzzle off with their paws, and you will have to adjust the velcro differently. 
  • The design may be uncomfortable for your pug because it is almost completely closed at the nose.

Barkless Soft Silicone Flat-Faced Muzzle

This muzzle by Barkless is excellent for protecting your dog’s face. The muzzle doesn’t only stop your pug from biting. It also prevents them from eating things they shouldn’t.  

This muzzle has a three-hole design for a broader view range and easy breathing access for your pug. The tongue can leave the mouth, allowing the dog to pant when needed. However, the dog cannot open their mouth enough to bite or chew on items. 


  • The material is composed of non-toxic substances and does not harm the dog’s skin.
  • Your dog can breathe, drink, and even take in small kibble.
  • The muzzle can effectively prevent biting, chewing on household items, and excessive licking.
  • Your pug can pant efficiently. 
  • The material helps avoid wounds on the muzzle if they rub their muzzle on something. 


  • If your dog has sensitive skin, this material can cause rashes.
  • You need to check the correct size for your pet, as this only comes in small, medium, and large. 

TANND Mesh Dog Muzzle With Tongue Out Design

Unlike other muzzles designed for pugs, the mouth portion of the pug muzzle has a mesh pouch design that can allow your dog to stick its tongue out. For this reason, your pug can still perform daily activities such as drinking water and feeding.


  • Your pug can breathe well because the opening in the nose helps to keep the mouth and muzzle comfortable. 
  • It has an adjustable strap with a buckle that prevents the pug from taking it off easily.
  • You can feed your dog with ease through the front pouch.
  • It’s one of the more visibly pleasing designs of pug muzzle. 


  • You don’t have many choices of colors. The muzzle comes in a bright orange, grey, or black. 

This design comes in a wider variety of sizes so that you can find a muzzle for pug puppies as well as adult pugs. 

SUNNY RAIN Orange Mesh Dog Muzzle

Our last model has a different design from the others. It has a closed mesh grid for the eyes and only a tiny hole in the nasal area, facilitating the dog’s breathing. 

The muzzle consists of an adjustable buckle and contains a quick release, making it convenient, safe, and easy to use.


  • It is very secure. The resistant buckles don’t allow your pug to remove the muzzle. 
  • The large border on the eyes prevents your pug from hurting his eyes and nose in his environment. 
  • The muzzle prevents your pug from biting, licking, and chewing on items, as the muzzle features a full mouth cover. 


  • The closed eye area on this muzzle can cause discomfort for your pet, as pugs need careful attention to their eyes.

Shopping Tips For Pug Muzzles

When you choose a pug dog, you should know how much more attention this breed requires because of its particular genetic characteristics, such as:

Nobody wants to see their best friend with health complications, so it’s essential to find the proper muzzle. If your dog struggles with biting, chewing items they shouldn’t, or rubbing its face on things, you may need to buy a muzzle. 

Make sure you’re careful with the muzzles you buy, as pugs require more facial protection than other breeds. The wrong muzzle can end up doing more harm than good. Here are a few tips on choosing a muzzle.

Measure Your Dog First 

Before purchasing a muzzle, take all the measurements of your dog. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Choose a soft measuring tape. 
  2. Loop the tape until it reaches the 35cm mark and place it over your dog’s head. 
  3. If it sits above the eyes and in front of the ears comfortably, this is the proper size of your dog’s head. 
  4. Adjust the measuring tape until you get a comfortable fit if it doesn’t.
  5. Find a muzzle that works with your dog’s head size. 

Choose a Suitable Material 

Choosing the best material is essential. These materials should not harm the skin or hurt your dog. Rigid or metal materials are not suitable for a pug since their eyes bulge slightly and can get hurt. 

Your pug’s muzzle should be: 

  • Mesh 
  • Soft fabric
  • Stretchy fabric

Choose an Escape-Resistant Design 

Check if the form of the muzzle you choose is escape-resistant. Some dogs can get loose quickly if they get agitated or scratch their heads. 

It is also worth remembering that you need to read the customer reviews of each item before buying. If pug owners say that their dog took the muzzle off quickly, you’ll need to keep this in mind. 

Choose a Design That Allows for Drinking and Eating 

Choosing the correct muzzle is fundamental for your pet to adapt and be willing to use it without anxiety or stress. It is best to choose a muzzle that allows your pug to continue to eat and drink freely and breathe openly. 

Keep Your Pug’s Health in Mind 

Avoid using these muzzles if your pug will be:

  • Exercising
  • Running
  • Performing any prolonged physical activity 

You should also never keep a muzzle on your dog for more than a few hours at a time, and you should gradually work to muzzle train your pug. 

Always consult a veterinarian if you have any doubts about a muzzle design. They can make suggestions on what’s best for your pug. 

If you have trouble with your particular muzzle design, you can also contact the manufacturer or refer to your user’s manual. They can indicate how to use the muzzle best to prevent injury. 

Conclusion – Best Muzzles For Pugs

If you intend to muzzle a pug, be sure to educate yourself. Some pugs have a hard time getting used to wearing these muzzles, and they can cause breathing issues if you’re not careful. 

Remember that muzzles do not restrict your dog from barking, and you should not buy one if that is your goal. Muzzles for brachycephalic dogs should restrain the animal from eating unwanted food scraps on the street, biting people or other animals, and for vet trips. 

Based on our research, the Barkless Soft Silicone Muzzle was the most affordable muzzle for dogs with a brachycephalic face structure. The open-eye design allows dogs to see well, and the open nasal area allows the pug to breathe, drink water, and eat. It is also easiest to clean, making it our top pick. 

Keep your dog’s welfare in mind always, and pick a muzzle that will keep them safe in the long run.

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