4 Best Life Jackets for Pugs – Our Top Picks For 2022

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Anytime one of our four-legged friends rides on a boat or goes for a swim, it is a good idea to have your pet wear a life jacket. Life jackets for pugs can help your pet stay afloat and have a great time in the water. 

Most dogs inherently know how to swim, but swimming long distances can be challenging for dogs with smaller legs, like pugs, dachshunds, and corgis. 

Pet parents must consider some key factors when choosing a life jacket for a pug, like durability, buoyancy, and fit. Many options for stylish life jackets for dogs are available, and ensuring your pug has the support they need to swim and play in the water confidently is important. 

best life jackets for pugs

If you are searching for the best life jacket for your pug, then check out our recommendations and reviews. We searched for the overall best life jackets for pugs, as well as the best budget-friendly option, the most buoyant jacket, and even a jacket that both you and your pug can wear! 

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Life Jacket For Your Pug

Proper fit is vital since life jackets are primarily a safety device. The first step in selecting the best life jacket for a pug is to measure your pet correctly. Jackets will list neck diameter, back length, and chest circumference, so ensuring that the life jacket will fit snuggly but not too tightly is essential. 

Selecting a life jacket based on what kind of water sports your pet will be engaging in is another critical consideration. Many life jackets on the market vary from safety jackets suitable for boating to swimming jackets for active pups. 

Finally, the best life jackets for pugs have a handle along the dog’s back so that owners can quickly lift their pet out of danger. Dogs will unexpectedly fall into the water at times, so having a reliable life jacket is essential. 

best life jackets for pugs

Why Do Pugs Need a Life Jacket?

Generally, pugs are not strong swimmers. It is critical to fit your dog with a life jacket when they are in or around water for your pet’s safety.

Simply put, pugs tire easily and are not known as an athletic breed. Pugs have short bursts of energy followed by an extended rest period. Life jackets allow pugs to enjoy time outdoors and near the water while not over-exerting themselves. 

Additionally, most pugs will develop breathing issues during their lives since they are a brachycephalic breed, meaning that pugs are short-muzzled dogs with flattened faces. If a pug expends too much energy trying to stay afloat without the aid of a life jacket, it could exacerbate a breathing issue. 

Finally, pugs are a smaller breed of dog, which could become scary if swimming in a larger lake. A life jacket will enable you to keep your pug insight and quickly scoop up your pet if necessary. 

How to Select the Best Life Jackets for Pugs

First, make sure you purchase the correct size life jacket. If the life jacket is too large for your pug, then your pet might accidentally slip out of the jacket and into the water. 

A sizing chart will be available for review regardless of which jacket you choose. Measure your dog before buying any item of clothing, harness, or life jacket. 

Second, choose a life jacket that is well designed and offers high buoyancy. Many fashion-forward rain jackets and sweaters designed for pugs are available on the market, but it might be better to select function over style when it comes to life jackets. 

best life jackets for pugs

In fact, many well-made life jackets are available in bright colors like orange or yellow, so you might not have to sacrifice style at all! 

Third, ensure that the life jacket you intend to purchase offers durability and control. Many jackets include handles that allow dog owners to lift their pets out of the water, and others have fasteners that allow dogs and owners to stay connected. Many pug owners also want a D-ring attachment so that a leash can be directly attached to the life jacket. 

Finally, since the life jacket will be wet, ensure the jacket is constructed from durable fabric. A life jacket is meant to be an often-used piece of your pet’s equipment, so buying a jacket made with a durable fabric will reduce tears and stitch ripping. Read item descriptions to see if nylon webbing or double stitching were used when making your dog’s life vest. 

4 Of The Best Life Jackets for Pugs

After researching products and lots of trials, we have compiled a list of the best, most durable pug life jackets for water sports and other activities. 

Overall Best Life Jacket for Pugs: Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket 

Ruffwear is a company that creates high-quality gear for active dogs. The Float Coat is designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes and is excellent for smaller dogs like pugs. 

The Float Coat Dog Life Jacket offers a durable handle that is optimally positioned on the dog’s back so that owners can lift dogs out of the water quickly and effectively. The jacket also includes a leach clip and reflective trim. 

The buoyancy is attributable to the PVC-free Gaia® Foam that the jacket is stuffed with; it is comfortable and is excellent for flotation. The fabric and stitching of the life jacket are well made and remain exceedingly water-compatible. The sizes range from XXS to XL, so pets of all sizes can benefit from the Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket. 

Best Life Jacket on a Budget: Vivaglory Sports Style Dog Life Jacket

The Vivaglory Sports Style Dog Life Jacket comes in various colors like bright green, camo blue, yellow, cherry pink, and many more. 

The Vivaglory life jacket is based on your pet’s measurement across the largest part of their chest at their ribcage. The New Sports Style Design is more comfortable and moves along with your dog’s natural movement. 

Additionally, the jacket is durable because it is made of oxford cloth, a heavy-duty material that lasts even when regularly exposed to water. The life jacket has a reflective trim to enhance visibility during the dawn and dush hours.

The Vivaglory New Sports Style Dog Life Jacket is the best option at a budget-friendly price at around twenty dollars. 

Best High Buoyancy Life Jacket: Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest

Fido Pet Products created the Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket to fit dogs of all sizes, but it is especially good for dogs, like pugs, who need maximum buoyancy when swimming or floating in the water. 

The Paws Aboard jacket is excellent for pugs who need maximum support when they are in the water to keep them calm and breathing correctly. 

Other factors for consideration with the most recent version of the jacket include its reflective strips and bright colors. The adjustable nylon straps help the jacket fit comfortably on dogs of all sizes. The underside of the jacket is made of mesh for quick-drying and proper draining after a dog goes for a swim. The vest utilizes a Velcro® fastening system to secure the jacket around the pug. 

Best for Matching Pawrents: L.L.Bean Dog Flotation Device

The L.L. Bean Dog Flotation Device is offered in blue and red and is available in sizes extra small to large, but the smaller sizes are the most suitable for pugs

Like many other dog life jackets on the market, it has reflective components for additional visibility, and it is made from durable 500-denier nylon. The large grab handle on the top makes it effortless to lift your pug out of the water.

What’s great about this option is that L.L. Bean offers a complete line of life jackets for adults too, so you and your pug can match during your day on the water! For instance, the Adults’ NRS Chinook Fishing PFD is available in the exact red color of the Dog Flotation Device. 

Final Thoughts: The Best Life Jackets for Pugs

Anytime a dog is jumping in a pond, riding on a boat, or swimming in the pool, it is a good practice to have your pet wear a life jacket. 

For pugs, wearing a life jacket is even more critical since the breed needs special considerations to ensure the pug’s exertion does not negatively affect its breathing. 

Fortunately, many life jackets for dogs are currently on the market, so it is easy to find a jacket that meets your needs and fits your dog. 

The most important consideration is ensuring that the life vest fits properly, so take accurate measurements before purchasing. Also, consider if the jacket is made from a durable material, how buoyant the vest is, and if it has other components like reflective strips or a grab handle. 

Now that you are equipped with all the information necessary to find and purchase a life jacket for your pug, it is time to begin planning your next water-based adventure!

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