9 of the Best Harnesses for Pugs

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Should pugs wear a harness? In general, pugs will do better walking with a harness rather than a collar. Pugs are more susceptible to breathing problems than other dog breeds. So, collars can increase the risk of difficulty breathing, especially if your pug pulls on walks. 

Shopping for harnesses for pugs can be particularly challenging because of a pug’s unique needs. Since pugs are a brachycephalic dog breed, it’s crucial for them to avoid overheating because it can exacerbate breathing problems. They also have wide chests, so it can be difficult finding what size harness for a pug works best. 

We love pugs, and we want you and your pug to enjoy your walks together. So, we have reviews of some of the most popular dog harnesses. Here are our top picks for the best dog harnesses for pugs. 

best harnesses for pugs

Best Dog Harness for Pugs Overall: Puppia Soft Dog Harness

The Puppia Soft Dog Harness is the best dog harness for pugs because it’s comfortable and has plenty of safety features, such as a no-choke design and adjustable strap for a secure fit. It also has a breathable mesh chest area, so it’s wearable in warmer summer months. 

The harness’ design is also very convenient. The step-in design makes it easy to put on a pug, and it also has a quick-release buckle. It’s also machine-washable and easy to clean and maintain, but it’s best to air-dry it instead of putting it through the dryer. These features make the whole process of using the harness very straightforward and easy for both pug and dog owner. 

A bonus feature is the wide selection of colors that you can choose from to add a personalized look for pugs to flaunt when they’re walking outside. 

Overall, this Puppia pug harness is a great pick for most pugs. If your pug has a tendency to pull or lunge, it won’t help with correcting this behavior. However, it still has a design that makes walking your pug a safer experience compared to using a collar. 

Best for Puppies: Joytale Step-In Dog Harness

When shopping for harnesses for pug puppies, you’ll want to look for a harness that’s breathable, easy to put on, helps prevent pulling, and has a secure fit. The Joytale Step-In Dog Harness checks all the boxes and more. 

The harness uses mesh, so it’s very breathable. It also has a padded lining, so it’s extremely comfortable and soft against your pug’s skin. It has a step-in design that makes putting it on and taking it off a very simple process. In addition, it has a no-choke design, so your pug will always have an easy time breathing. 

This harness also has other significant safety features. It has reflective strips and D-rings on both the front and back of the harness. 

Since the harness has the design of a vest, it’s very secure and won’t slide around like some harnesses that are only made of straps. However, it doesn’t grow with your puppy. So, you’ll eventually have to buy a larger size if you want to continue to use the same type of harness. 

Despite this one disadvantage, we still consider this harness to be the best option for puppies because it prioritizes safety and security. 

Best for All Weather: Voyager All Weather Dog Harness

If you live in a climate with drastic weather changes, the Voyager All Weather Dog Harness may be a great fit for your pug. The mesh material is very breathable, so it’s not stifling for your pug in hot summer weather. The same material also acts as insulation for cooler weather in the fall. 

This harness also has a safe design that distributes pressure all around the chest if your pug either pulls on the leash or lunges. It has a set of heavy-duty metal D-rings for added reinforcement. 

However, these D-rings are pretty wide, so if you’re using a lightweight leash for toy breeds, the clip might be too small to latch onto both D-rings.

Best No-Pull: PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

The PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness is the best no-pull harness for pugs. It has a D-ring on the front of the harness so that every time your pug pulls, it will position your pug to face you and direct its attention back to you. 

The harness also comes with a soft padded handle that you can use to carry your pug to a safe location if it tries to lunge at other animals or moving vehicles. 

The straps also have extra padding on them to prevent chafing and provide a comfortable fit for your pug. They’re adjustable in two areas so that they can best match the shape of your pug’s body. 

Overall, this harness is a great option if you’re working on polite leash walking with your pug. It’s comfortable and won’t choke or hurt your pug, and it also gives you a lot more control on walks. 

Best Escape-Proof: Didgo Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness

The Didgo Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness is perfect for wiggly escape artists. It’s extremely lightweight and has soft fleece pads, so your pug won’t resist keeping it on. It also securely hugs your pug’s chest so that it stays put. 

The front D-ring discourages pulling, and there’s another D-ring on the back strap. For added security, you can use a double-ended lead to clip on both rings, so it’s nearly impossible for your pug to slip out of the harness. 

These features make this option the best escape-proof harness for pugs. It’s a great tool to help you when you’re training your pug to walk on a leash because it provides more control to dog owners, and it’s very comfortable for dogs. 

Most Light-Weight: Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step-In Dog Harness

If your pug gets overheated very easily, the Pawtitas Pet Reflective Harness is a viable option. It doesn’t have any mesh and just has two straps, so absolutely no heat gets trapped in the harness. Just keep in mind that the straps may cause chafing if your pug has particularly sensitive skin. 

The material of the harness contains reflective fabric that makes your pug very visible in low-light conditions. It also has a safe design that prevents trachea collapse. The double set of D-rings is another safety feature, making this harness one of the safest options for pugs. 

As great as this harness is, it may not be the best option for pug puppies. The straps have a firm yet chewy texture, and they’re relatively thin, so this harness can become a favorite chew item for teething puppies. 

Most Breathable: ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Soft Air Mesh Harness

Breathability is very important to pugs since they can overheat rather quickly. This ThinkPet harness has an extremely lightweight chest piece with extra-large holes for greater ventilation than most mesh harnesses. Since this harness is so light, it fits comfortably under vests and jackets, so you can use it year-round. 

It also has two adjustable straps, so it melds around your pug’s unique body shape. However, the straps aren’t made with the same breathable mesh material as the chest piece. It’s relatively soft, but it can still dig into your pug’s skin and cause chafing. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure that you adjust the straps to fit your pug correctly. 

For added safety, the ThinkPet harness has reflective stitching for night visibility. It’s also convenient to use because it’s machine washable. 

Most Fashionable: Pupteck Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Seeing a pug on a walk brings smiles to many people’s faces, so why not add to the cuteness by fitting them with a cute harness? This harness has some of the cutest unisex designs that match well with pugs. Also, if you’re feeling extra fashionable, Pupteck sells matching collars and leashes, so you can dress your pug in a full set of accessories. 

Most of the designs are classy plaid patterns using different colors, but Pupteck also makes harnesses with floral designs

Along with its cute design, this harness has a mesh inner layer and an adjustable strap, so it’s breathable and a cozy fit for pugs. It’s also easy to put on, so your pug isn’t compromising comfort and convenience over fashion. 

What Size Harness for a Pug Works Best?

Finding a good harness for a pug can be difficult because they have uniquely shaped bodies. They tend to have wider chests than other toy breed dogs. The best way to find a correctly sized harness is to measure the width and girth of your pug’s chest. 

To measure the width, stand in front of your pug and locate the widest part of the front of its chest. Then measure from end to end. Your measuring tape should slightly curve with your pug’s body.

To measure the girth, simply wrap the measuring tape around the area just behind your pug’s armpits. Make sure to include the lowest part of the chest cavity. 

When you shop for a harness, make sure that there’s about an inch or so of extra room. You don’t want an extremely tight or snug fit. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers in between the straps of a well-fitted harness. 

In general, pugs fit small-sized harnesses, but it’s also not uncommon for some pugs to wear extra-small or medium-sized harnesses. 

Wrap Up – Best Harnesses For Pugs

Overall, we love the Puppia pug harness because it adequately covers the basic features of good harnesses for pugs. It also has additional benefits, including an affordable price and many different color options. 

When choosing a harness, make sure that it’s breathable and lightweight. It should also fit wide-chested dogs and have a no-choke design. 

Now that we’ve given you information on some of the best harnesses for pugs, we hope to see more adorable pugs out and about and enjoying walks with their owners. 

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