20 Best Halloween Costumes For Pugs

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Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween and have fun, and your little pug is no exception! There are so many adorable pug costumes to choose from that it can be hard to pick just one. So we’ve compiled a list of the best Halloween costumes for pugs to help you narrow it down. It’s hard to find something cuter than a pug in costume, so be prepared for a whole lot of adorable ideas.

20 Best Halloween Costumes For Pugs

Halloween costumes for pugs can be fun, silly, cute or even all of the above! Here are some of our favorite Halloween pug accessories.

Fluffy Lion

Do you have a ferocious little pug? If you think your pug has an inner lion deep down, get this fluffy lion costume that will make your pug feel bold and majestic. 

This costume uses soft and durable materials, so your pug will stay comfortable as they walk around trick or treating. Take your pug from a small woof to a roar with this adorable Halloween costume. 

Darth Vader

If you or your pug are Star Wars fans, turn your dog into the notorious villain Darth Vader. The costume comes from Rubie’s Costumes, a company specializing in dog costumes and accessories. 

This is one of many Halloween costumes for pugs that will get a lot of looks and laughs on a spooky night. All Halloween pugs are special, but a pug dressed up as one of the most infamous movie villains will catch some people’s attention. Plus, how can you resist the picture of the precious pug in costume?

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies are one of the most stunning and majestic creatures on earth, so turn your chubby little pug into one! Pugs may not be the most graceful breeds, but yours will be a beautiful butterfly in this Halloween costume for pugs.

Cute pugs in costumes are a dime-a-dozen on Halloween, but a gorgeous butterfly will stand out against the crowd. Make your pug feel special in this radiant butterfly Halloween costume.


Rubber Ducky

Everyone loves a bath buddy, so dress your pug up in this endearing rubber ducky dog costume. Pug costumes should always be comfortable, but this rubber ducky costume is also a practical dog hoodie, so your pug will be extra cozy.

It also means you can use it throughout the year to keep them comfy! The hoodie is made by iChoue, and they make lots of other funny and cute dog hoodies too.

Crazy Killer

If you want your dog to be a scary pug in costume, get them this crazed serial killer costume that will have neighbors running for their lives. This type of costume makes them look two-legged from the front, making the pug Halloween costume even funnier when they run toward you.

Don’t second guess yourself; get this hilarious deadly dog costume that will have people laughing and doing double-takes as they walk by you.

Cowboy Sheriff

If you need a sidekick to corral all the hooligans in town, dress up your pug in this sheriff costume so they can keep the law in this crooked town.

The adorable cowboy costume features a tiny sheriff badge and a cowboy hat. The only thing missing is a horse for them to ride into the sunset.

Spooky Spider

A spooky spider costume is right on theme for Halloween and will have your pug looking like a creepy critter crawling around the neighborhood. 

This one is less of a costume and more of a large accessory since it just attaches to the dog’s back. The spider is made out of wool but won’t provide much warmth as it doesn’t wrap around the dog. 

Hot Dog

This is a classic dog costume because it’s a hot dog! There are a lot of hot dog dog costumes out there, but this one is extra colorful with a bright red dog, green lettuce, and bright yellow mustard.

Hungry Shark

The hungry shark costume works well if you have a food-motivated pug (who doesn’t?!). The shark is a comfortable, soft hoodie your dog will love wearing all night.

You can choose between the blue shark and the gray shark, depending on how colorful you want your Halloween pug to be. 


For a flirty and cute costume for your pug, get this Supergirl dog costume that will make your pug feel like they can fly. The costume has a polyester skirt, so it will be comfortable but won’t keep your dog super warm on a cold night.

Turn your dog into a superhero with this colorful and charming dog costume!

UPS Driver

Now you know who to blame when your package arrives late. This UPS costume is comical and adorable.

This costume makes the pug look two-legged from the front. So you get a visual of this small, two-legged pug hustling toward you, holding your late package. The hat completes the look, so your dog presents as a true professional on Halloween. 

The Pope

For a holy pupper, get this Pope costume that is well-made and hilarious. Your dog can offer to hear confessions in return for treats when they wear this dramatic pug costume. 

This costume has everything, from the pointy hat to the fancy stole, so your pug will look like the real deal on Halloween. 

Jail Inmate

Has your pug been bad lately? Give them a taste of the consequences with this inmate onesie that will keep them comfy while looking like a hardened criminal. They even get an inmate number, so everything is legitimate. 

This is one of the easier costumes to get your pug into. This costume keeps it simple with no complex buttons or extra accessories. 


The dinosaurs may be extinct, but you can bring the Jurassic age back with this rough and tough stegosaurus costume. The costume is made from a thick foam that will keep your pup warm and comfy.

This is one of the few dog costumes with a distinct and eye-catching pattern on the fabric. The reptilian pattern is beautiful and makes your pug into a dangerous dinosaur in seconds.

Wonder Woman

Turn your little pug into a force of good that can save the world and fly an invisible jet. Wonder Woman is a strong woman and a great costume to showcase how fierce your tiny pug is.

The Wonder Woman dog costume features a charming little skirt that will flow back and forth when your pug trots down the sidewalk. Your pug will feel powerful and fashionable in this precious costume. 

Silly Octopus

This pug Halloween costume is goofier than some of the others on this list and is meant to get a chuckle. This may be a good one if you aren’t doing a long trick or treating route. The added arms get dirty on the ground quickly.

But this is more than perfect for an in-house Halloween party where your pug can run around with eight arms mingling with guests. 

Bunny Hoodie

Bunnies and pugs aren’t too far off; they’re both small, adorable, and always look a little chubby. A pug in costume is always cute, but a pug in a bunny costume with a tall and floppy ears takes cuteness to a new level.

The bunny hoodie is made of thick cotton and will keep your pug warm since Halloween can be a pretty cold day. The costume comes in gray or black, so you can try to match it to your dog’s fur. 

Fierce Tiger

This tiger hoodie is simple but colorful and can turn your domesticated pug into a dangerous tiger. Not really, but they will be warm and cozy in this velvet dog hoodie.

With this wild costume, your dog will feel like the king of the jungle, and they’ll look like one, too. The hoodie is super soft and windproof so it works as a hoodie all year round, not just for Halloween. 

Princess Ariel

If you and your dog are Disney lovers, you may consider dressing them up as one of those classic characters, specifically one of the iconic princesses. Look no further than this Little Mermaid pug Halloween costume that will have everyone swooning.

This costume comes complete with a wig and tail, but may not be the best choice if your dog struggles to keep clothes on. Rubie’s makes this enchanting pug costume along with all the other princesses, so pick your favorite!

Pepper Shaker

For the pug with some extra spice, get them the pepper shaker costume that is so adorable and comical. The only way to make this costume better is to find a pug friend who can dress up as a salt shaker so they can be a pair.

For an inside joke, you can dress up your pug in this if they tend to sneeze a lot. At least then their sneezing will be relevant to the costume!

Final Thoughts – Best Halloween Costumes For Pugs

Hopefully, you found one or more of your favorite Halloween costumes for pugs on this list! From princesses to superheroes to wild animals to delivery drivers, there is a pug costume out there for every dog. 

Make sure you have a fun and adorable pug costume before Halloween rolls around, or else your dog might be embarrassed because they don’t have a costume!

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