5 Best Dog Coats for Pugs For Winter Warmth [2022]

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Like many small dogs, pugs don’t enjoy cold weather. They’re prone to loose skin, which is why they have their distinctive, wrinkly appearance. That also makes them susceptible to types of alopecia or pattern baldness. While this is primarily a cosmetic problem, it jeopardizes your pug’s ability to regulate its body temperature during the winter. 

Why? Because fur is what helps keep a dog’s core temperature in check. In the summer, it stops them from overheating, and in winter, it keeps them warm. 

With all that to consider, it’s natural that when the weather plummets, you start looking for the best dog coats for pugs.  

Best Winter Coat for Pugs Overall: Gooby Fashion Vest 

Gooby’s fashion vest is the best dog coat for pugs of all the dog coats we researched. 

We immediately appreciated the lightweight nature of the coat. Some winter coats for pugs can be cumbersome. They keep your dog warm, but they can also make it harder for your dog to walk. 

Another reason we like Gooby is because you don’t have to agonize over size charts. These can be confusing at the best of times. And measuring a dog for sizing is a bit like trying to wrestle an alligator unless the dog is placid and you’re handy with a tape measure. 

We appreciate that Gooby’s sizes are self-explanatory. These coats target French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers but accommodate the pug’s broad chest capably. 

Another thing we like about this dog coat for pugs is the stretchy bottom. It’s hard to size a coat for your dog that fits them and keeps them out of the way while they do their toileting. This does both. And because of the flexible design, it fits dogs of various weights and sizes up to 35lb. 

It’s also easy to put on, making it ideal on cold winter mornings when you and your pug want to get the walk over as quickly as possible. Smaller dogs, in particular, can step in and be zipped up with a minimum of fuss. There’s a zipper guard across the top that ensures the zipper doesn’t snag on your pug’s skin. 

There’s also a good amount of belly coverage. This is crucial for small dogs because they’re naturally lower to the ground, and their short legs throw up all kinds of dirt and slush. The cut of the vest covering the pug’s belly protects it from cold and enables male dogs can go about their duties without urinating on the vest. 


  • Two D-rings eliminate the need for an additional harness 
  • Quilted lining 
  • Covers belly 
  • Waterproof


  •  Sizing can run small, so measuring before buying recommended

Best Dog Coat for Pugs and Small Dogs With Velcro Fastening: ThinkPet Cold Weather Coat 

ThinkPet is another of the best dog coats for pugs. They’re reversible, with one waterproof side and an inner lining of softer material. You can dress your pug for the snow with the waterproof side foremost or turn the coat around for cool but dry days. 

They also come in a range of colors and sizes, so you can size this dog coat in a way that fits your pug and reflects your taste. 

There’s also good belly protection against snow and slush. The Velcro fastenings are easy to do up and don’t run the risk of snagging your pug’s skin the way a zipper would. 

That said, there is a zipper along the top that undoes to allow you to integrate a harness for those days when you need to keep your pug leashed. For extra safety, the piping is reflective, giving you and your dog extra visibility on night walks or dark winter mornings. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Reversible 
  • Good belly coverage 


  • Needs a harness

Best Thinsulate Dog Coat for Pugs: Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch is based in Toronto, so you know their winter coats for pugs mean business. These coats are designed to weather bitter winters and sub-zero temperatures, as well as snow, sleet, and wind chill. 

The insulated padding makes it one of the best coats for a pug as they’ll stay warm whatever the weather. Additionally, there’s a hood you can pull over your pug’s ears on frigid days, though if they’re anything like our dogs, they won’t thank you for it. 

A D-ring leash fixture on the back makes it easy to leash your dog on street walks. Alternatively, you can quickly release the catch and give your dog free reign in dog parks. 

In addition to the insulation, this winter coat for pugs features a waterproof exterior. This is a vital consideration for pug owners who winter somewhere prone to snow. Wool coats can be attractive, but they quickly collect water, leaving your pug cold and shivering. 

Canada Pooch recognizes how important walks and routine exercise are to dog health, and while they do offer lighter wool coats for mild weather, their winter gear keeps your pug dry as well as warm. 


  • Waterproof
  • Thinsulate layer protects against cold 
  • Hood for ear protection 
  • D-Ring for leash


  • More expensive than other dog coats

Most Affordable Dog Coat for a Pug: Asenku Dog Winter Coat    

It’s not waterproof, but not all winters come with snow. If that’s the case, Asenku is one of the best dog coats for a pug there is. 

It features a smart plaid design that comes in a variety of colors. It’s also made of thick fleece and cotton, ensuring your pug stays warm until the sun deigns to put in a more permanent appearance. 

For colder days, there’s a hood you can pull up over your pug’s ears for extra protection. When this isn’t necessary, you can easily detach the hood and ensure your dog won’t be hampered by it. 

When inevitably it gets grubby, all you need to do is throw the coat in the washer and hang it to dry afterward. Just make sure you allow ample time for it to dry between walks. 

However, sizing can run small, so we recommend buying up a size, especially if your pug’s chest is broader than usual. But it’s possible to combine this coat with a raincoat for a pug and still economize. Just ensure that when sizing for the raincoat, you take the additional bulk of the Asenku winter coat for pugs into account.  

There’s also no D-ring for a leash, but the coat’s streamlined design easily fits a harness overtop or underneath.


  • Thick fleece/cotton blend 
  • Variety of sizes and colors 
  • Machine wash 


  • Not waterproof

Best Budget Waterproof Coat for a Pug: Kuoser Waterproof/Windproof Dog Coat

With a waterproof exterior and snuggly fleece lining, this winter coat for pugs keeps them warm and cozy in the coldest weather. Sizes vary, so you’ll have to size your dog before purchase, but it only takes a few minutes to do. 

The Kuoser dog coat comes in several colors, with Velcro fastenings across the middle, giving your pug extra protection from ground-level snow. 

The belly is also where pugs have the least amount of fur to keep them warm, so the protective layer between them and the slush is crucial if you want your pug to be comfortable on their winter walk. 

The waterproof lining ensures that no snow soaks through the dog coat, while the fleece minimizes friction and gives your dog an extra layer of warmth on winter days. It also extends to the dog’s undercarriage, so while there’s nothing you can do about your pug’s short legs, you can ensure that less snow gets onto their stomachs. 

A D ring on the back makes it easy to secure your dog for street walks and equally easy to let them roam free in ravines and dog runs. 

We also like this dog coat for pugs because it’s incredibly affordable and has an accurate sizing chart. 


  • Waterproof 
  • Includes D-ring 
  • Accurate size chart 
  • Cozy fleece inner lining 
  • Affordable 


  •  Insufficient neck coverage for some dog types 

How to Size Your Pug For a Coat

Once you’ve chosen the best dog coat for your pug, don’t order it without sizing your dog first.

Pugs have an awkward build. They are:

  • Broad chested
  • Short-legged 

They’re also infamously hard to fit. For that reason, many pug owners often buy dog coats tailored for pugs’ bodies. Whether you buy a pug-specific coat or not, you shouldn’t try to guess your pug’s size. 

To measure your pug properly, get a tape measure and loop it around the pug’s neck. Don’t cinch it: you want your pug to be able to breathe comfortably in their new coat. With the neck measurements recorded, take the tape measure to the broadest part of your dog’s chest. 

Finally, measure the length of your pug from nose to tail. These three measurements will help you find the right size dog coat for your pug. 

Since not all dogs enjoy standing placidly like tailor’s dummies, we recommend doing the measuring when you have another family member who can help by holding your dog in place. When we first did this, the dogs were unapologetic wrigglers. 

Conclusion – Best Dog Coats For Pugs

Winter is cold and unpleasant at the best of times. It’s doubly so for dogs who stand low to the ground. Their little bodies accrue all kinds of slush and snow. 

That makes it essential you find a dog coat for your pug that keeps them warm and dry as much as possible. 

There are all kinds of coats out there for pug owners to choose from, some specially designed for pugs, some that target broad-chested dogs, and others aimed at small dogs. Some are waterproof, and others put fashion first. 

Whatever your decision, make sure that you size your dog correctly before purchasing a winter coat for your pug. That way, you know they’ll be comfortable no matter how low the temperature dips.

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