The Top 5 Best Dog Bowls For Pugs 

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One of the most iconic traits of pugs is their flat and wrinkled snouts. But as adorable as they may be, these flat noses mean that pugs have different needs compared to other dog breeds–particularly when it comes to food bowls. These are our top tips for best dog bowls for pugs to help them eat and drink safely and enjoyably.

If you’re buying a new bowl for your beloved pug, it’s wise to do a little bit of research beforehand. Using the wrong bowl can cause discomfort during and after eating, and that’s the last thing you want for your furry friend. 

Fortunately, we did all the research so you don’t have to. After scouring the web and researching what makes a good food bowl for a pug, we’ve narrowed some of the best dog bowls for pugs! We’ve also provided a brief guide to help you better understand what to look for in dog food bowls for pugs. 

So, are you ready to find your pug’s new favorite food dish? Let’s begin! 

FRISCO Slanted Stainless Steel 

This stainless steel dog bowl from Frisco is an excellent choice for your pug! It’s simple, durable, and appropriate for your pug’s unique needs. 

The tilted design allows your dog to eat from this food bowl with ease. It comes in several different sizes, but because pugs tend to run small, you’ll probably want to choose the smallest option, which holds 1.25 cups. These food dishes can come in a bundle of two in case you’re seeking water bowls for pugs as well. 

You can choose between two colors: cream and black. The design of this food dish is super simple, so it’ll look great in any kitchen, regardless of its theme. 

The stainless steel material makes this bowl super durable and easy to wash. When you need to clean this food dish, you can safely place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. 

Overall, this is one of the best dog bowls for pugs or other breeds with flat snouts! 

Enhanced Pet Bowl

If you’re looking for an advanced food bowl for your dog, consider this pug friendly option. It has everything you need in a dog bowl for pugs, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s also vet-approved. 

The premium level food grade 304 stainless steel material of this food bowl makes washing it fairly simple. The material is non-allergenic and nonporous, so it won’t hold onto bacteria as a plastic bowl would. You can also put this dish in the top rack of your dishwasher! 

There are no harmful chemicals in this product, so your dog can safely lick their bowl clean after enjoying their favorite food. 

If your pug often nudges their bowl around while eating, the rubber ring on the base of this bowl  and the 45 degree slanted ridge can help prevent mess or choking. It’s especially useful for pug puppies who are quick and messy eaters. 

In addition, the ergonomic design is carefully crafted. It helps to alleviate pressure on your pup’s spine and stomach to create better posture and help with digestion or bloating issues! 

FRISCO Slanted Ceramic Dog Bowl 

Are stainless steel bowls not your thing? You’re in luck because we’ve found an excellent ceramic alternative! This product from Frisco is one of the best ceramic dog bowls for pugs. 

This slanted ceramic bowl has a pretty pastel-blue color that’ll look beautiful in your kitchen. It has no harmful chemicals or dyes and is 100% BPA-free, so this is a safe and healthy choice for your beloved pug. 

Is your pug a messy eater? This product might make your life a little bit easier. The rounded shape of this dog food bowl helps prevent spills. It also has a non-slip bottom, so you won’t have to worry about your pug knocking their bowl over. 

This product is best for feeding your dog dry food, as wet food can often get stuck in the rim of the bowl. So if your dog is more fond of wet food, you may want to go for another option on this list. 

When this ceramic bowl gets dirty, you can place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. It’s also microwave-safe, so if your dog likes their food warm, this might be the perfect product for them! 

SSAWcasa 15 Degree Elevated Dog Bowl 

Elevated dog bowls come with a lot of benefits for dogs. Standard food bowls require your dog to bend over while they eat, which can sometimes cause vomiting or stomach aches. So if your dog has a sensitive stomach–which is common in pugs–consider buying this elevated dog bowl from SSAWcasa. 

As the name suggests, the wooden stand gives this dog bowl a 15-degree tilt, which is the ideal slant for flat-snouted dog breeds such as pugs. The raised design is also helpful for dogs who are elderly or have arthritis, as bending over to eat from lower food bowls can put a lot of strain on their bodies. 

These food bowls come in both ceramic and stainless steel, so you can choose whichever material you like best. The product also includes two different bowls, meaning you won’t need to buy a separate dish for their water. Both bowl materials are top-rack dishwasher-safe, so cleaning up can be super easy! 

PetnPurr Cactus Raised Food Bowl 

Pugs are a fun and goofy dog breed, so why not find an equally-goofy dog bowl to match? This food bowl for pugs has a funky cactus design that’ll look adorable in your kitchen. 

Of course, a fun appearance isn’t all this food bowl has to offer. This product has a raised base and tilted bowl that can help prevent stomach issues or joint pain in your pug. 

You can rest assured that this bowl is safe for your pug, too. While it has a bright and colorful design, it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or lead that can make your dog sick. 

This product has a firm base that can prevent tipping or spills. So even if your pug is a messy eater, this bowl can help reduce messes during feeding time. The only downside to this bowl’s design is that it is a bit too shallow to serve as a water dish. 

With an average of 5-star ratings on Amazon, it’s safe to say this is a pretty great dog bowl for pugs! 

What Bowls Are Best For Pugs?  

So, what kind of dog bowls are best for pugs? The answer can vary depending on your dog’s preferences and needs, but in general, there is one factor to keep in mind: the angle. 

When buying a dog bowl for your pug, it’s always best to choose a slanted dog bowl. The shape of these bowls makes it much easier for a dog with a flat snout to eat. Flat bowls can be very uncomfortable for pugs. In some cases, they can even increase the risk of choking. 

best dog bowls for pugs

It’s also wise to consider your dog’s unique needs. Many pugs struggle with digestive issues and joint pain. So if you opt for a raised food bowl, you can help aid your pug’s digestion and put less stress on their sore body. 

You should also look for a bowl that’s made from safe materials. Some cheap dog bowls will contain BPA or dyes that can make your dog sick over time. For the sake of your pug’s health, try to choose bowls that are stainless steel, ceramic, or any other type of food-safe product. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Pug’s Food Bowl 

Once you find a high-quality dog bowl, taking care of it is essential! You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a good bowl only to ruin it after a few months! 

You should wash your dog’s food bowl after every meal, especially if you feed your dog wet food. If you go too long without washing your pug’s food bowl, bacteria can build up over time, which can make your dog sick or give them facial pimples and acne.

Always read the manual to determine the best way to wash your dog’s food bowl. While many options on this list are dishwasher-safe, some are not, and putting them in the dishwasher can ruin them. 

If you’re ever uncertain, it’s best to hand-wash your dog bowl just to be safe. Hot, soapy water and a good rinse are usually all you’ll need to clean your dog’s bowl. For a more thorough cleaning, you can also wash them with diluted bleach

Conclusion – The Best Dog Bowls for Pugs 

Not all dog bowls are equal. While one product may be perfect for your long-snouted dog breeds, it can cause problems for your flat-snouted pug. So if you want to keep your pug as healthy as possible, finding the right bowl can make a huge difference! 

All pugs have different needs and preferences, however, so the right bowl for your pug might not be on this list. But as long as you know what to look for in a pug food bowl, finding the best one for your unique dog should be a breeze. 

We hope this handy guide has helped you find the best dog bowl for your pug!

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