6 Best Brushes for Pugs To Control Shedding [2022]

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Pugs are charming, mischievous little dogs best known for their squishes, wrinkled faces, and adorable curled tails. This playful breed can be an absolute joy to own, and many people expect its short coat to be very low-maintenance. 

It’s always a good idea to learn more about a breed before taking one on as a family pet, so let’s learn more about pug grooming and the best brushes for pugs. 

Do I Need to Brush My Pug?

The pug is a short-haired breed of dog, so it’s easy for people to mistake them for dogs that require little to no maintenance on their coats. However, pugs do require some grooming. 

Pugs are high-shedding dogs. While their coats aren’t as long and thick as breeds like Golden Retrievers, their short hairs still fall out and can sprinkle all over your clothing, furniture, and flooring. 

That being said, other than some light brushing, a pug’s coat doesn’t require a lot of additional upkeep. It’s best to brush through their short fur once per week to remove any loose hair that has built up. 

Pugs coats are naturally smooth, soft, and shiny and don’t require overly frequent bathing—that is, unless your playful pup has gotten into something particularly messy. If you do need to wash your pug, we recommend these pug-friendly shampoos.

best brushes for pugs

What Type of Brush Is Best for Pugs?

There are several different styles of dog brushes on the market, but a pug needs a dog brush that focuses on their shedding problems. Since the breed’s coat is short and glossy, there are no tangles or mats to deal with. The best brush for pugs will have a short or medium bristle that grabs loose hairs. 

Your best bet is to stick to one of these types of brushes: 

All of these brush types have qualities that make them excellent for combing through a pug’s thick coat and short fur to minimize the amount of shedding that they do. 

Slicker Brush 

A slicker brush is a very popular type of brush for removing loose hairs and separating tangles. While you don’t have to worry about tangles with your pug, a slicker brush can be super helpful in removing hair, dirt, and debris from their dense coats.

Pin Brush 

A dog pin brush does not look that different from a common human hairbrush. It’s an all-purpose brush that works on a wide range of coat types. The pins on this brush are generally available in short to long length metal pins that have plastic or rubber tips on the ends. 

For a pug, it’s best to use a pin brush with short pins. Shorter pins will give you more control and allow you to brush through their short but thick coat. 

Bristle Brush 

Bristle brushes are similar to pin brushes in that they use a series of thin pieces to comb through fur. However, bristle brushes have bristles instead of pins, and they include far more of them more closely packed together.

This is the best brush for short-haired dogs with smooth coats like pugs. The bristles do an excellent job removing loose hair and debris while leaving the coat smooth and shiny. Look for one with closely-packed bristles. 

best brushes for pugs

Rubber Brush

Rubber brushes are great at not only attracting unwanted, loose hair but also distributing your dog’s natural oils for a healthy and shiny coat. Rubber brushes are just that: brushes made of rubber. 

You can find them in a wide range of styles, including rubber glove brushes. 

De-Shedding Tools

If you’re not interested in one of the brushes above, you can always reach for a de-shedding tool. These tools have short, metal comb teeth that easily capture loose fur. They’re ideal for dogs like pugs who don’t necessarily require tons of detangling and just need a quick clean-out. 

6 Of The Best Brushes for Pugs

Now that you know a little more about the options available to you and your pug, we can take a look at some of the best brushes for pugs below. 

FURminator Deshedding Tool

The Furminator Deshedding Tool is an excellent pug brush made specifically for dealing with fur like your pug’s. This small-sized, short hair model is ideal for combing through a pug’s coat to remove any loose hair hanging around. 

The FURminator can reach through your dog’s topcoat and get to the coat beneath it to clean out debris and hair without damaging the skin. When you’re done, simply hold the tool over the trash can and press the release button. The brush will eject the fur, making cleanup a breeze. 

We love the handle on the FURminator for pugs, too, because it has an ergonomic shape for a solid grip. Your hand won’t get tired during your daily or weekly brushing sessions, and the rubber material is non-slip. 

JW Pet Company GripSoft Pin Brush

As you now know from our guide above, a pin brush is a great dog brush for shedding. The JW GripSoft pin bush is a fantastic small dog brush that you and your pug will love to use. 

The GripSoft’s best feature is its ergonomic, non-slip handle. The handle is easy to use and provides an excellent grip so you can get the job done. 

The head of this brush is small, making it ideal for a tiny breed like the pug. The pins are long with round tips, making them tough on thick coats but gentle on the skin. It seamlessly runs through the coat to gather loose fur and leaves your dog’s coat shiny and silky. 

Furbliss Massaging and Deshedding Brush

If you’re interested in trying a rubber brush for pugs, look no further than the Furbliss Massaging and Deshedding Brush. This multi-functional brush is known as the no-fuss brush, and we understand why. 

Made completely of silicone, this rubber tool messages, exfoliates, relaxes, and de-sheds your furry friend with ease. It boasts two sides, one of which is ideal for cleaning, calming, and messaging. 

The reverse side features textures to remove fur and debris, hold shampoo for bathing, and de-shed. You can use this sponge-shaped tool dry or wet, making it great for bathtime and brush time. The rubber material picks up fur in no time at all, and it’s super easy to grip. 

SleekEZ Deshedding Tool

What’s that—a beautiful, effective tool for easily removing loose fur and debris from your pug? That’s exactly what the SleekEZ Deshedding Tool does. Not only does this tool work well, but it looks great while doing it. 

The SleekEZ tool features a premium-grade wooden handle with an oval shape for your best grip yet. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use the brush without your hand getting overly tired. 

The small grooming tool features a patented wave pattern. The stainless steel blade gently removes hairs without the painful tugging that other brushes cause. Protect your pup while keeping its coat shiny and mess-free with this small yet powerful tool. 

Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush

Slicker brushes are perfect for gently combing through thick coats and removing loose, built-up fur. Whether your dog has one layer or two, the Miracle Coat Slicker Brush by Miracle Care can get the job done. 

This small dog brush is simple yet effective. It features dainty, stainless steel pins that easily reach through the coat and grab hold of loose hairs. The soft pad underneath is flexible and moves with your pup’s body. 

Not only is this brush great for your pug, but it’s convenient for you, too. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to grip. The handle also features a soft cushion for extra comfort. 

The compact head design is perfect for small breeds like pugs. When you’re done, hang the brush from its convenient hang hole. 

This brush may not have a lot of frills, but it’s more than enough to keep your pug’s coat healthy and beautiful. 

Four Paws Magic Coat 2-in-1 Pin and Bristle Brush 

What’s better than a combination product that includes two of our top brush types for pugs? Not much! The Four Paws Magic Coat 2-in-1 pin and bristle brush is a top-notch product that makes grooming easy for you and your pet.

One side of this brush features long metal pins with rounded heads for smooth brushing and detangling. The guarded heads protect your dog’s skin from harsh combing.

On the other side of this Four Paws brush, you’ll find soft, nylon bristles that gently release loose hairs. At the same time, these bristles stimulate your dog’s natural oils for healthier, shinier fur. 

Not to mention, the comfort-grip handle is gentle on your hands during long grooming sessions with your pug. 

Final Thoughts – Best Brushes For Pugs

Your pug is a part of your family, so he must get treated as such. That means investing in only the best food, treats, tools, and brushes. 

If you want to keep your pug happy and healthy, it’s crucial to maintain a steady grooming routine. Try one of the pug brushes we talked about today to remove loose fur and keep your dog’s coat shining. 

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