Best Belly Band for Pugs

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Pugs may be small dogs, but they have big hearts. They make great companions for any family. Like any animal baby, male pug puppies need house training before they can live inside. The time it takes to train your pug may vary per dog, but protecting your floor and furniture can be challenging.  These are our top picks for best belly band for pugs to protect your furniture and carpet from unwanted puddles!

If you have to be away from the house and you can’t help but worry about your carpet and furniture, consider using a belly band while your male canine learns to relieve itself appropriately.

What Is A Pug Belly Band?

It is a dog wrap that secures diapers in place or covers the private parts to prevent marking, urination, and accidents caused by incontinence. 

Why Do Pugs Wear Belly Bands?

They use the bands to protect themselves from skin irritation and your floors and furniture from urine damage. 

Belly bands aren’t just for house training your pug. They have further uses including: 

  • Diapers for incontinent dogs 
  • Covers for wounds 
  • Protection during travel
  • Prevention of mating 

Belly bands are not one-size-fits-all. They should fit according to your dog’s abdominal measurements. In case you are asking, “ What size belly band should I get for my pug?” – here is how to measure your dog for the appropriate size: 

Measure the narrowest part of the dog’s waist in front of its back legs. If the waist measurement is in between sizes, check the width of the belly band. For in-between sizes, go up for heavier dogs and lower for thinner ones. 

Best Belly Band for Pugs

Using disposable diapers can be expensive if your dog needs them around the clock. Reusable belly bands for pugs are earth-friendly, washable, and comfortable. There are different types of wraps from which to choose. The following list contains the best belly bands for pugs. 

Paw Legend Washable 3-Pack Belly Diapers for Male Dogs 

Paw Legend makes a belly band with every size dog in mind. This band is available in seven sizes, XXS (7.2 to 7.8 in), XS (9-11 in), S (11-14 in), M (15-17 in), L (18-21 in), XL (22-27 in), and XXL (28-34 in). 

Your dog will not even know it is wearing a wrap because of the soft, well-padded two-layer band that rests against its body. Moisture will not leak onto your carpet or upholstery, thanks to the water-resistant outer polyester lining of the pouch. 

The sturdy velcro keeps the bands in place. To retain its hold, airdry the wrap instead of using the dryer. 

There is no need to worry about wasting money on disposable diapers because you can pop these bands into the washer for reuse. The selection of colors and designs (with and without black lining) will let your dog walk around in style. 


  • The bands come in four color combinations
  • There is a wide range of sizes
  • They are perfect for traveling dogs


  • The black linings may make it difficult to tell if the pad is wet

Grecle High-Absorbency Dog Bands For Male Dogs

These 3-pack dog wraps by Grecle are perfect to use in place of diapers because of their leak-proof ability. Protection begins with two layers in the extra-small and small bands and three layers in the other four sizes. The inner breathable material locks in odor and moisture. 

Measurements for the six sizes are XS (9-11 in), S (11-14 in), M (15-17), L (18-20), XL (22-27), and XXL (28-33). These machine-washable wraps are available in solid black and seven playful design combos. 


  • Velcro is sturdy and does not stick to fur
  • There are multiple design choices


  • There were reports of the velcro being too stiff to unlatch.

WickedPup Washable Dog Wrap with Liners

This belly band starter kit for male dogs contains one washable green camouflage belly band and five multi-purpose disposable pads to insert inside the wrap. The super-absorbent booster pads have adhesive on one side and soft padding on the other. They are also free from any toxic chemicals. 

This set is ideal for traveling with your canine companion, especially when you can pack the band and supplies into the handy reusable green pouch. Toss the soiled pad, and you are good to go. 

There are only two sizes from which to choose, small and medium, which fit dogs with an 11 to 17-inch waist. 


  • The disposable pads are perfect for on-the-go
  • The pads are non-toxic
  • The set includes a storage pouch


  • The kit contains only one belly band
  • You will have to buy additional pads

Pet Parents Washable 3-Pack Belly Bands for Male Dogs

This 3-pack soft belly band by Pet Parents consists of a Wickquick inner super-absorbent microfiber pad that keeps moisture away from the skin and helps it dry faster. 

The cloth wrap has an outer layer that is resistant to moisture, includes adjustable velcro that is easy to open and close, and does not stick to your dog’s coat. The belly band is durable, consisting of extra stitching for long-term use. The elastic edges provide a snug, comfortable fit. 

These bands come in XS (9-13 in), S (13-16 in), M (16-20 in), L (20-25 in,) and XL (25-34 in). Choose between three color combinations: All Black, Gentlemen (blue, green, and black), and Natural (gray, rust, and black).


  • The outer layers are water-resistant
  • The bands are reusable and machine-washable
  • The belly bands are durable and long-lasting


  • The velcro can wear out after several loads of washing

Pet Magasin Washable 3-Pack Male Dog Wraps

These reusable belly bands will help save the environment from waste and are easy to wash by hand or machine. The smooth, soft fabric will not crinkle against your dog’s skin, making it more comfortable to wear. 

These dog wraps provide four layers of protection against moisture, including an inner mesh layer, two middle fleece layers, and a waterproof outer layer. The fleece helps absorb urine and lock in odor, and the exterior layer prevents leakage onto the dog and your furnishings. 

Secure the band with ease using the sturdy velcro. Do you like unique colors that will make your dog stand out? These come in three color combinations such as light solids (lavender, green, and blue), dark solids (gray, blue, and black), and camouflage (traditional, blue, and gray).

Measure your dog to find a size that fits: S (13-15 in), M (15-21 in), L (20-31 in).


  • They come in stylish colors
  • Extra padding protects against moisture
  • The outer layer includes large velcro


  • Velcro may be too sticky and hard to open
  • Customers reported a lingering urine smell

MICOOYO Washable Doggy Wraps

Your anxious or shy pug will enjoy these colorful, uniquely-designed tummy bands. These abdominal wraps are comfortable due to the soft, smooth fabric. They consist of a four-layer system that is sure to be leak-proof. The edges of the band provide a secure, comfortable fit. 

These bands are available from XS (7-7.5 in), S (9-11 in), M (11-14 in), L (15-17 in), and XL (18-21 in), to XXL (22-27 in.) Instead of solid colors, the MICOOYO dog wraps come in four bright, original design combinations.   


  • Come in unique designs
  • Four layers provide extra protection 


  • Sizes may be smaller than they appear. 

Pet Soft Reusable Male Dog Belly Bands

Whether you are house-training your pooch or taking a trip, these belly wraps will change your life. With six sizes from XS to XXL, you should be able to find the appropriate one for your dog. Measurements range from 7-to 26 inches. Extra-small fits most newborn puppies and small dogs. 

The inner padding is durable enough to hold in urine until it is time to change the band. The outer layer lies comfortably against your dog’s coat, and the square velcro latches securely to prevent your dog from removing the wrap. 

Like other belly bands, Pet Soft wraps are easy to clean. Wash in the machine or by hand. You can choose between army or space designs, and there are three of each pattern. 


  • You get three bands for one price
  • Reusable wraps save the planet
  • The fabric is soft against the dog’s body


  • They may stretch during washing
  • You may have to add an extra pad if the dog urinates often

Honey Care All-Absorb Disposable Male Belly Wraps

These disposable wraps are much like baby diapers, except they only protect against urination. They come in a package of 50 thick breathable yet absorbent belly wraps, providing 360 degrees of protection against leaks. 

They provide a comfortably snug fit to prevent sliding while your dog is in motion. The stretchy fabric moves along with the animal. How do you know if your canine is wet? Check the color indicator on the outer layer. This product comes in separate sizes from XS to Large. 


  • These save on laundry costs
  • They are perfect for long-term travel
  • The adjustable fasteners adhere to the garment, not your pet


  • They can be expensive for long-term use
  • They may be easy for dogs to chew apart

Conclusion – Best Belly Band For Pugs

If your pug is having issues with marking or urinating indoors, or your elderly pug is becoming incontinent – belly bands are a great idea to help soak up unwanted (and unexpected) puddles inside your home.

While most belly bands are designed with male dogs in mind, there are belly bands which are specific for female dogs to protect your pug from becoming pregnant when they’re in heat.

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