Are Pugs Good With Babies and Kids?

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Pugs are one of the most playful, affectionate, and loyal breeds of dogs. Though they have many character advantages, these dogs can become quite jealous or aggressive if they are not properly socialized. 

The pug’s temperament is what makes them great family dogs. Pugs usually pick one owner who feeds them and gives them the most attention. However, a pug can become accustomed to a busy household with kids, babies, and other pets. 

are pugs good with babies

Are Pugs Good With Newborn Babies?

Are pugs good with babies and kids? If a pug is socialized correctly and fully trained, they will know how to behave around newborns. However, if pugs have not been introduced to kids and other family members, they can become jealous and stubborn. 

Since pugs are rarely aggressive, they will view your newborn as part of the “pack” and may even become protective of your baby. Although pugs are genuinely loyal and lean towards the affectionate nature, they need to be introduced to a newborn properly. 

are pugs good with babies

Introducing Your Pug to Your Newborn

First things first, you must introduce your pug slowly to the newcomer and be kept on a leash until fully trained and socially acceptable. Other steps you can take are:

  1. Keep separate rooms (for now)

Upon bringing the newborn home, ensure that your pug stays out of the nursery.  

  1. Introduce baby toys

After letting your newborn suck, play, and soothe themselves with their newborn toys, allow your pug to sniff them. Sniffing your newborn’s toys allows your pug to get used to the new scent.

  1. Set firm boundaries

Teach your pug that baby’s toys and their own pug toys are different. When you notice your pug trying to take or play with your newborn’s toys, replace it with your pug’s toy. Then reward your pug with a treat.

  1. Give your pug tons of attention

Every time you are holding your newborn, ensure that you still attend to your pug’s needs, such as petting them, talking to them, and letting them know you’re still present. If you skip this step, your pug may become jealous and destructive.

  1. Know your pug and baby’s body language.

Once it’s time to meet face to face, have treats on hand. Show your pug that you must be gentle and engage your newborn with your pug. Watch for aggressive body language such as growling or becoming too playful. 

Are Pugs Good With Babies?

Once your pug has become accustomed to having a newborn in the house, everything after will be smooth sailing. The following steps teach your baby – growing into a toddler – how to behave with your pug. 

are pugs good with babies

Some things you’ll have to be aware of are:

  • Teaching your baby and toddler to respect your pug
  • Ensuring your pug knows to stay gentle with your baby.
  • Prepare for timeouts
  • Use preventative methods such as feeding your pug at dinner time and allowing each their own space.
  • Use the reward system for every dog’s positive behavior with the baby.

Tips on Training Your Pug How to Behave Around Babies

A new life with your pug and baby can get highly stressful for both you and your pug – mainly if your pug is used to just you and them. Some helpful tips for you and your pug are:

  • Ensure your pug knows basic commands such as shoo, lay down, and stay.
  • Once the baby is asleep, make sure you spend quality alone time with your pug.
  • Encourage calm and controlled behavior around the baby.
  • Enforce gentle touches from your baby to your pug
  • Never force interaction – allow your pug to warm up on its own
  • Train your pug to deal with loud noises. Let your pug know it’s safe when the baby cries, and reward them with a treat or favorite toy. 

Once your pug learns that babies are not a threat, they will know how to tolerate them with patience and affection. 

Are Pugs Protective of Babies?

Depending on the relationship and how accustomed and socialized your pug becomes with your baby, they may become highly protective of your babe. Due to their loyal and companion nature, your pug will become protective of the entire family if a strong bond has been formed. 

However, it’s your job to show your pug that protectiveness is okay, but aggressiveness is not. A protective pug may put itself in danger to save or comfort a family member. 

Are Pugs Good With Kids?

Due to a pug’s calm, carefree, and non-aggressive nature, they are the perfect dog breed for households with children. Pugs like to sleep up to 14 hours a day, so allowing them room to have peace is of utmost importance. 

Pugs were bred to be lap dogs, and so their cuddly presence is enough to warm any child’s heart- significantly when your children grow up with your pug. Pugs are silly, playful, quiet, and nurturing, making them ideal companions for children. 

are pugs good with babies

Are Pugs a Good Family Dog?

Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds stemming back to 1600 BC. They were bred specifically for companionship for kings, queens, and peasants. Pugs are incredibly adaptable to the way you live your life. 

For example, if you lead a busy lifestyle, your pug will stay energetic and playful. On the other hand, if you lead a relaxed lifestyle, your pug has no problem resting with you. Pugs don’t need much exercise, although it’s best to strive for three walks a week. 

So, if you’re looking for a well-rounded dog who is down for anything, a pug is a great option for you and your family.

Conclusion – Are Pugs Good With Babies and Kids?

Are pugs good with babies and kids? Yes, with proper socialization and guidance, your pug will be great with newborns. Due to their loyal and carefree nature, pugs will stay loyal to their household – including kids. Pugs may even become protective over their pack based on their need to bond and stay close to companionship.

So, are pugs good family dogs? Most definitely. Based on their modifiable behaviors, you can count on the pug to become anything you need them to be. 

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