Are Pugs Easy to Take Care Of?

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Pugs may be small, but that certainly doesn’t mean taking care of them will be easy. In fact, these dogs tend to be relatively high maintenance. When you adopt a pug, you commit to learning and understanding their needs, like with any animal. 

No, pugs aren’t particularly easy to take care of. They may be easier to take care of than some challenging breeds, but they’re certainly trickier to care for than most. 

Some of the challenges with pugs are the many health problems they’re prone to. A stubborn temperament is something else to be aware of. Potty training can also take longer with pugs than with other dogs. Let’s take a look at some of these things in more detail. 

Pugs Often Have Health Problems

Pugs are one of the dog breeds that tend to have specific health problems. One of the most severe health issues pugs tend to have is breathing problems. 

These breathing problems are linked to the pug’s facial structure, leading to wheezing, snoring, and more significant issues. It also makes pugs heat sensitive, so avoid exercising a pug outside in hot weather. 

Keep an eye on your pug for worrying symptoms and bring them to the veterinarian for regular checkups. You should be aware of the many health problems pugs frequently develop.

Examples include: 

  • Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)
  • Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE)
  • Obesity
  • Fold dermatitis 
  • Skin Infections
  • Elongated palate

Complicating matters is the fact that pugs tend to be sensitive to anesthesia. This sensitivity means if your dog needs surgery, there may be a higher than average risk of injury or even death. Ask your veterinarian for more details. 

are pugs easy to care for

Pug Eye Injuries

Eye injuries and irritation are common in pugs. In fact, this breed is prone to an alarming array of eye problems. It’s all because of the physical characteristics of pug eyes and how they are set in the face. Many eye problems in pugs may have severe consequences and will need veterinary attention. Let’s explore the issues with pug eyes and the problems they can lead to. 

Shallow Sockets

Pug eyes bulge quite a bit due to shallow eye sockets. There simply isn’t enough space in their sockets (also called orbits) to accommodate their eyes in a usual way. The fact that the eyes bulge so much puts them at significant risk of injury simply because they’re so exposed. 

Blinking Issues

Pugs are unable to blink normally because of an abnormality in their eyelids. Regular blinking is an integral part of eye health. The fact these dogs cannot blink correctly means that their corneas will eventually get damaged. 

are pugs easy to care for eye issues

Get Veterinary Help

Remember, eye problems may lead to loss of vision for your pet. If you suspect your dog has an eye injury or any other issue with their eyes, get veterinary advice right away. 

Take a careful look at your pug’s eyes and monitor their behavior to see if they’re having any eye discomfort or if there are signs of injury. 

House Training Is Difficult

The pug’s stubbornness makes this breed more than a little bit challenging to house-train. In some cases, it may take as long as a whole year to completely house train a pug puppy. If you’re lucky, you may be able to do it within six months, or maybe even four. 

Pugs require more potty trips even after your dog is finally house trained. That is because the pug is a tiny breed, and it has a much smaller bladder than a large dog. Pugs also have high metabolisms. Both these circumstances demand that you take your dog outside more often to potty. 

Grooming Needs

Pugs have significant grooming needs. This need is because they shed a lot, and also because of their facial wrinkles, as dirt ends up in the folds and may lead to irritation and infections. 

Gently yet thoroughly clean the areas within and around the wrinkles regularly. After washing, fully dry. Never leave the skin wet, as this may encourage fungus to grow. 

How to Clean a Pug’s Facial Wrinkles

Let’s take a look at the right way to clean the folds on your pug’s face. You need to do this several times a week. Many veterinarians recommend doing this after your dog eats a few times daily. 

1. Prepare a cloth or cotton ball

Dampen a soft cloth or cotton ball, or use a fresh dog wrinkle wipe.

2. Expose the skin within your pug’s facial folds

Using a gentle hand, hold the folds and pull them back. 

3. Use the damp cloth or cotton ball to wipe within the fold

Take the damp soft cloth or cotton ball to clean the fold and the skin inside it. 

4. Dry with another cloth.

Use a different soft cloth to dry all the skin you cleaned. 

Regularly Brush Your Pug

This breed also needs brushing, usually about twice each week. Doing this will cut down significantly on shedding. Most pug owners position their dogs on an elevated surface (such as a table) to brush and comb them. 

are pugs easy to take care of

Exercise Is Easy

Finally, some good news! One straightforward aspect of pug care is their exercise. Put simply, these dogs don’t need much exercise. 

As long as you take your pug on one walk a day, that should be adequate. Play with your pug, too. Playing with your dog provides an excellent level of exercise, as well as time to bond with your pup. 

Even though one walk a day is usually enough for exercise, your dog will need to use the potty more often than that. You will have to take them outside several times a day for that. 

In Conclusion: Are Pugs Easy to Take Care Of? 

Despite their size, pugs definitely aren’t the easiest dog to care for. While they are small, they are prone to many health challenges. Some of these are serious and may lead to vision loss and other effects. 

The only easy part of pug care is their exercise. These dogs don’t need a lot of physical activity, and one walk a day with some playing is usually enough. You’ll need to bring them outside more often for frequent potty breaks, though. 

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