Albino Pugs – Are They Rare?

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When thinking of pugs, the usual images of a fawn or black dog with a dark brown or black face and ears come to mind. While this classifies a large majority of pugs, they can also come with many unique features. Although it is rare, there are even albino pugs out in the world.

What Is An Albino Pug?

Albino pugs are just like a regular pug. They are loving, little family dogs. They want to run around, chase balls, and lounge on the couch. The only difference is that their bodies produce very little or even no melanin. The cells in our bodies produce melanin, giving color pigmentation, such as different colored hair or fur or eye colors.

Melanin is present in all living creatures, so any animal, plant, or human could have this genetic abnormality. While it is rare to find an albino pug, like all creatures, some exist. 

albino pugs

What Does an Albino Pug Look Like?

In sharp contrast to the usual fawn-looking pug with dark brown eyes, albino pugs have a blonde and white look. They also have very light blue or translucent eyes that have a pink hue to them. 

Their scrunched noses and the thin skin around their eyes and ears look pink instead of black. The skin looks like this because albino pugs’ skin is so light that you can see the blood vessels beneath it.

Other than the unique color, albino pugs come in the same shape and size as regular ones. They have adorable chubby bodies and short legs, just like you would expect. They even breed regular colored pugs!

Albino Pug Temperament 

Albino pugs don’t behave differently from their regularly colored pug counterparts. Just as expected, albino pugs enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. When appropriately trained, they are gentle bundles of joy that want to play a little bit and then have a nice long nap. 

As an albino pug parent, you may have to be the one to monitor their lifestyle. Although albino pugs feel normal, they need a little extra care. Their skin is too thin for everyday pug things, like long sunbathing naps. They may want to wander out to lie in the sun, but try to keep them in the shade for most of the day. 

Are Albino Pugs Rare?

Albino pugs are extremely rare. It is unknown exactly what percentage of pugs are born with albinism, but even if two albino pugs were to breed, there would only be a 25% chance that an albino pup would be part of their offspring. 

It means that there will only be one or two possible albino pugs from an albino parent litter. With those odds, it is not common to find an albino pug or an albino pug breeder. 

How Much Does an Albino Pug Cost?

Since albino pugs are so rare and difficult to breed, the average albino pug sells for close to a whopping $20,000. That is a lot, especially compared to the average $1,000 to $6,000 you can expect to pay for a fawn pug. 

If you are ready for that financial commitment, the next step is to find an albino pug. Since they are so rare, they aren’t readily available. You may have to sign up for a long waitlist. 

albino pugs

Things to Know Before Getting an Albino Pug

Unfortunately, albino pugs come with some potential health issues. Melanin has a significant role in the development of the eyes. Without it, the different parts of the eye, such as the iris, retina, and muscles, may not form properly. It can cause a lot of vision impairment, such as a lack of depth perception, for a pup. 

This lack of melanin can also make their eyes very sensitive to light. Melanin offers eyes a natural sunglasses effect. It allows us to take in the bright world reasonably. Without it, bright sunlight can be too bright and feel harmful. 

Melanin also offers protection against the sun’s harsh rays. Without that natural layer of UV protection, a pug is more likely to suffer from sunburn. It is essential to keep a close eye on how much time an albino pug spends lounging in the sun so they don’t get hurt.

Sadly, albino pugs are more prone to skin cancer because of this propensity to skin damage. If you consider adding an albino pug to your family, make sure to speak with your veterinarian and research how skin cancer presents in dogs. 

Here’s what you can do to keep your albino pug safe and cared for:

Sun Protection

You can help mitigate these issues with proper monitoring and care. It would be unrealistic to keep an excited pup in the shade all the time. To help albino pugs live their puppy life to the fullest,   grab them some weather-appropriate clothing. It will help create the barrier against the sun that they don’t have naturally. 

Pug sunglasses are also an adorable option! Especially if you live in a sunny area, you want your dog to be able to view the world comfortably. They may not love the feeling of sunglasses at first, but they will feel the benefits of eye protection over time.

albino pugs


Albino pugs can be groomed just like any other pug. Bathtime once a month is a good routine to have for your albino pug. Dirt may appear easier on their white fur, but you don’t want to bathe them too much and strip their natural oils. A wet cloth to wipe the dirt away between baths should be enough.

An albino pug’s white hair may show more prominently on surfaces around your house. Brushing their coat once or twice a week should help keep your home hair-free, but you may want to invest in some lint rollers. 

During grooming, you or the groomer should take special care to look closely at their skin. Since albino pugs are more prone to skin cancer, it is best to stay on top of monitoring changes. Talk to your groomer about this concern to make sure they also keep an eye out for any suspicious spots or growths

Final Thoughts on Albino Pugs

If you’ve got the financial capacity to get an albino pug, your rare companion will give you all the joy in the world. Be mindful that your rare pup will require some extra attention to keep them healthy and safe.

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